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COVID at cross-roads: Idaho needs a new approach

By Dr. John Livingston & Fred Birnbaum The recent events in Afghanistan has us thinking: Is Idaho fighting its last war – on Covid? The reason for this question is…

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We are not in a pandemic

Dr. John Livingston | Medical Policy Advisor I feel like I have been under house arrest for the past 10 months, and for what? The fact is (and this isn’t…

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Crisis standards of care

By Dr. John M. Livingston | Medical Policy Adviser The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare oversight board voted earlier this week to have the government play a central role…

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IFF comments in opposition to Central District Health's new draft order

Central District Health, Board of Health Director Russell Duke and Board 707 Armstrong Place Boise, Idaho 83704 December 7, 2020 Dear Director Duke and Board, It is a step in…

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IFF letter to Central District Health regarding oppressive order proposal

Central District Health, Board of HealthDirector Russell Duke and Board707 Armstrong PlaceBoise, Idaho 83704 December 3, 2020 Dear Director Duke and Board,I write to you today to voice my strong…

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Masks are little more than a crisis communications tool

No time to read? We've got you covered. Listen to this column on The Hoff Time Report with Wayne Hoffman: Fifteen years ago, I was part of a team of…

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