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Director Jeppesen’s retirement from Health & Welfare should not end scrutiny of scandals

By Fred Birnbaum
November 21, 2023
Idaho Health and Welfare Director Dave Jeppesen’s recent retirement announcement followed the previous week’s Joint Finance and Appropriation Committee (JFAC) fall budget review. We can’t be sure that the two are connected, but there were two damaging reports tied to Health and Welfare under his leadership.  IFF has covered one of the scandals related to […]

Top 6 Reasons Why Idaho’s Lt. Governor Scott Bedke isn’t a conservative

By Wayne Hoffman
November 16, 2023
Legacy newspaper columnist Chuck Malloy offers up an interesting bit of historical fiction in his latest column on Idaho government and Idaho's lieutenant governor.  Writes Malloy, "It wasn’t long ago when now — Lt. Gov. Scott Bedke was part of a House leadership team that was widely viewed as one of the most conservative in […]

Judicial Council illegally (and once again) hides records regarding Supreme Court appointment

By Wayne Hoffman
November 14, 2023
Last legislative session, lawmakers frustrated with the process the Idaho Judicial Council deployed to fill judicial vacancies passed a law to change things up a bit. One of those reforms required the council, when it reports to the governor with names of candidates for the court, to “provide to the governor a report summarizing the […]

Winder abuses office in attempt to silence conservatives 

By Wayne Hoffman
November 13, 2023
Senate Pro Tem Chuck Winder is using his position of power to intimidate and silence legislators with whom he disagrees. For that, he deserves to be investigated for ethics violations.  Sadly, that will likely never happen because Senate rules require ethics complaints to go through him, which is emblematic of the authoritarian system devised and […]

Conservatives got beat in local elections because the system is rigged for leftists

By Wayne Hoffman
November 8, 2023
There’s been a lot of chatter today about election results from local elections across Idaho. To put it politely, candidates from the “right” got their butts handed to them. Leftists — and leftist-supported candidates — won city council and school board races statewide. Why? Answers follow: These are easy problems to fix.  First, there’s nothing […]

Tax cuts should be on the table in January

By Fred Birnbaum
November 8, 2023
It has been several months since the Division of Financial Management released the latest data on how much taxes the state has collected. The agency isn’t hiding the data; it was just a function of getting the state’s new Luna software to sync with the Tax Commission. We don’t have all of the numbers because […]

Little’s Supreme Court appointment of Cynthia Meyer is probably mostly about gender

By Wayne Hoffman
November 6, 2023
All this time, I put former Attorney General Lawrence Wasden as the odds-on favorite for being added to the state Supreme Court. He was Gov. Brad Little's bootlicking footsoldier, especially during the time of COVID, giving the governor unchallenged authority to unilaterally change laws, spend money without the approval of the Legislature, and ignore the […]

Jim Jones' views of the state's judicial system are extremist

By Wayne Hoffman
November 3, 2023
"Idaho has a remarkable judiciary," shouts the headline in Jim Jones' latest column, "We can't let extremists ruin it." If only. If Idaho's judiciary was so wonderful, would the Idaho Judicial Council, the panel responsible for picking the state's judges and justices: Isn't defense of these actions itself extremist? Most people would say so. In […]

Here are the judicial interviews state officials don’t want you to see

By Wayne Hoffman
October 31, 2023
Thanks to one of our friends, the Idaho Freedom Foundation managed to get a copy of the Idaho Judicial Council’s “interviews” with candidates to be Idaho’s next Supreme Court justice. And as expected, the interviews aren’t very illuminating. We are posting them HERE for posterity, as the council deleted the videos from its YouTube page […]

Another year of lousy school test results proves state officials aren’t interested in “accountability” 

By Wayne Hoffman
October 31, 2023
Opponents of education choice keep using the same word over and over: accountability. They say, “If taxpayer money is to go to private schools (or basically anything that is not controlled by government), government needs to hold those schools accountable for their performance.” This is the go-to talking point for Republican Rep. Julie Yamamoto, the […]

State panel deletes video record of Supreme Court candidate interviews 

By Wayne Hoffman
October 23, 2023
One more note on the Idaho Judicial Council: Having watched a few of the interviews conducted Wednesday with some of the candidates for the Idaho Supreme Court, I'd say the council is more concerned with how prospective justices would protect the court's image than with their legal philosophy.  For example, no one is really asking […]

Powerful lobbyists help decide who Idaho's next Supreme Court justice will be

By Wayne Hoffman
October 20, 2023
If you're looking for a stellar example of how totally screwed up Idaho's government is and how special interests not only have a seat at the table but are the table, then feast your eyes on the Idaho Judicial Council, the group that recommends to the governor the names of people to fill court vacancies.  […]
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