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Why Medicaid Seems Immune to Reform

By Fred Birnbaum
April 16, 2024
One of the last bills passed in the 2024 legislative session was Senate Bill 1456. It appropriates $4.7 billion for Idaho’s Medicaid program, the largest single budget of any kind in Idaho. This budget follows many years of massive increases in Medicaid spending, which have doubled in the last six years. This budget also follows […]

2024 Wrap-Up: The Worst Legislative Session… Ever?

By Parrish Miller
April 12, 2024
There are too many variables to make a definitive statement that this has been the worst legislative session in Idaho history, but it certainly ranks among the worst. This session has greenlit significant increases in government spending, expanded government, and provided incredibly meager tax relief, even as inflation continues to plague those who work for […]

Undoing Idaho’s lurch left, conservatives end subsidized drug abuse

By Niklas Kleinworth
April 10, 2024
Idahoans have, through their tax dollars, paid for nearly one million needles to be distributed to those engaged in drug abuse. Thankfully, the Gem State will soon cease this practice. House Bill 617 repeals Idaho’s five-year-old Syringe and Needle Exchange Act. This move is only the latest development in the fallout from the Idaho Harm […]

Illegal Immigration Issue Continues to Vex Idaho

By Fred Birnbaum
April 8, 2024
Although Idaho is far from our southern border, the issue of the illegal immigrant invasion is close to the hearts and minds of many Idahoans.  Why? Well, for starters, Idahoans understand that the roughly 8 million people who crossed our southern border during the first three years of the Biden regime are now dispersed throughout […]

Sen. Jim Guthrie Thinks He’s a Dictator

By Ronald M. Nate, Ph.D.
March 25, 2024
Idaho’s Legislature is a representative government — or so we thought. Instead of 105 legislators casting their votes on the hundreds of proposed law changes, bills often live or die at the whim of a single, stubborn, committee chair.  This session, Sen. Jim Guthrie has taken it upon himself to be the self-appointed killer of […]

Lawmakers reject financial liberty in favor of special interests

By Niklas Kleinworth
March 23, 2024
This week, Idaho’s lawmakers sided with special interests over protecting financial liberty by voting down House Bill 585. The bill would have protected Idahoans against modern fiscal threats, like the advent of central bank digital currencies and de facto bans on private digital currencies. Voting down this legislation will leave Idahoans vulnerable to more federal […]

Announcing Capitol Clarity with Dr. Ryan Cole

By Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
March 15, 2024
For immediate release - March 15, 2024Boise, Idaho They hated him for telling the truth. Idaho’s own Dr. Ryan Cole is a board certified clinical pathologist and the founder of a world-renowned diagnostics lab in Boise. Dr. Cole has spent the past four years speaking truth to the powers that locked free citizens in their […]

Announcing Capitol Clarity Week 10

By Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
March 12, 2024
There is no greater freedom than that of your own health and bodily autonomy. Yet that fundamental freedom has been under increasing attack in recent years. From mask and vaccine mandates to invasive schemes for surveillance and controls, governments at all levels are trying to micromanage your lives. This week we welcome Leslie Manookian of […]

Actions, Words, and the “True Conservative”

By Ronald M. Nate, Ph.D.
March 12, 2024
Occasionally a bill or two comes before the Idaho Legislature truly showing the principles of the legislators voting for it versus those voting against it.  Look at two bills this session: House bill 468 (Rangeland Improvement Act) and House bill 595 (Outcomes-Based Education). House Bill 468 would establish a "rangeland improvement account" in the state […]

Announcing Capitol Clarity: Week 8

By Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
February 27, 2024
For immediate release - February 27, 2024Boise, Idaho Idaho Freedom Foundation, the Gem State’s most influential conservative policy center and think tank, announces the next Capitol Clarity program lineup for Thursday, February 29, 2024, at noon in the Lincoln Auditorium. This week, we are proud to present a free speech extravaganza, where we delve into […]

Illegal immigrant invasion is an existential threat to Idaho, America

By Fred Birnbaum
February 26, 2024
America is being invaded. Day after day, thousands of illegal immigrants stream across our Southern border. It is easy to understand the frustration of the American people as President Joe Biden calls the border secure while defending the invasion.  These are lies so immense as to call into question the legitimacy of the Biden Administration […]

Where is the Education Choice Legislation? 

By Ronald M. Nate, Ph.D.
February 22, 2024
You’re the customer and this is your experience: poor results, higher costs, hidden agendas, and the product is nothing close to what you wanted.   What do you do?  Go somewhere else, right?   Wrong again, because we aren’t talking about burgers or blenders, we are talking about public education.    Too often we’re told how education is […]
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