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The Idaho Freedom Foundation isn’t your ordinary think tank.

Sure, we do compelling, credible, groundbreaking research like lots of other think tanks. We can produce fancy white papers and reports with the best of them.

But IFF sets the standard for sharing its vision with the 1.9 million residents who call the Gem State home. IFF — founded in 2008 — also leads the nation in efforts to hold lawmakers accountable for their votes. Through aggressive, unflinching products and content, IFF tells the truth about what really happens in the Capitol, much to the chagrin of the fakes and the special interests.

If you are unfamiliar with the Idaho Freedom Foundation, we encourage and invite you to visit our website at www.idahofreedom.org to familiarize yourself with our values and mission. Candidates who do not align, agree with, or support our work will not be a good fit and need not apply.

Job opportunities will be posted on this page as they open.

What you can expect from IFF as an employer:

Casual work environment: we work hard, but don’t punch a clock or wear suits every day
Team building activities that promote cohesiveness
An aggressive employee recognition program that offers rewards for a job well done
Paid time off, health/dental/vision insurance, 401K
A clean and comfortable office in the heart of downtown Boise
An opportunity to truly impact society
Flexible work schedule
Summer hours
Paid Holidays, including a Christmas holiday break

Education Policy Assistant

March 31, 2023
Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) is the premier free market research institute in Idaho. Officially organized in 2008, IFF’s mission is to make Idaho into a Laboratory of Liberty by exposing, defeating, and replacing the state's socialist public policies. Our research, journalism, education, and advocacy dovetail to help Idaho policymakers make better decisions, rooted in conservative […]
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