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Library director defends pornographic book on 'BDSM,' 'kink,' calling it 'fantastic' and 'a treasure.'

"Really, this book is a treasure," said the library director about a book that teaches kids about 'fluid-bonding,' BDSM, and kinky sex. The director of the Garden Valley District Library is defending her decision to offer a sexually explicit book promoting kinky sex, BDSM, "fluid-bonding," and transgenderism to minors, saying the book is "fantastic" and […]


The real reason Americans are fleeing California

This article was originally published at The Telegraph. Gavin Newsom's woke policies are hurting children's education. Is it any wonder their parents are leaving? By Scott Yenor and Alli Megal “As California goes, so goes the nation”. That’s the phrase the ruling class of the most populous state in America likes to intone when times […]


Boise School District pressures teachers to affirm new sexual identities of "gender queer," "pansexual," and "nonbinary" in students

The Boise School District (BSD) has been training teachers in radical gender ideology, including pressuring teachers to affirm students’ different sexual identities such as “pansexual,” “transgender,” “gender queer,” and “non-binary.” Teachers were told to use pronouns corresponding to a student’s gender identity, regardless of their deeply held personal or religious beliefs. They were given resources […]

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