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Legislature addresses loophole that allowed Planned Parenthood into public school sex ed

When the Legislature passes a law, you expect the state to follow it. Idaho standards and law require that sex education in public schools must teach abstinence.  Seems simple, right? Unfortunately, Idaho law has also given local school boards authority to decide how kids will learn about abstinence in sexuality education, a loophole that Planned […]


Meet Gena Marker: The librarian who purchased graphic books spreading gender ideology

By Anna Miller and Sam Dorman  IFF’s recent article about public school libraries circulating radical, obscene books has naturally prompted outrage. People want questions answered. Why, for example, would any school official think it’s appropriate to teach kids how to masturbate or normalize polyamory? How could a school district that’s supposedly accountable to taxpayers be […]


Idaho school libraries promote radical sexual agendas and pornographic material

By Anna K. Miller and Sam Dorman  Idaho school libraries have become facilitators for a national far-left agenda that warps both sex and gender through exposure to pornographic material as well as noxious propaganda. School libraries are part of a learning environment that, along with other public libraries, serve as a "catalyst that keep[s] students […]

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