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Six states pass universal school choice leaving Idaho in the dust

As education reform continues to gain momentum across the nation, Idaho remains one of the few red states lagging behind on school choice. While six states have already passed universal school choice programs, Idaho lawmakers have yet to take meaningful action to expand educational opportunities for families. During the 2023 legislative session, Idaho had a […]


Blaine County School District libraries offer pornographic books to children as young as elementary school

Blaine County School District libraries offer many pornographic and pro-gender transition books to children as young as elementary school.  The IFF’s Center for American Education obtained public records from the Blaine County School District’s (BCSD) library database, known as Destiny Discover, which reveal that the school libraries across the district offer disturbing and sexually explicit […]


Idaho State Board follows IFF Center for American Education’s recommendation to prohibit diversity statements in higher ed

The Idaho State Board of Education has followed our recommendation to ban coercive “diversity statements” in higher education.  The board passed a resolution “prohibiting either requesting or requiring written diversity statements from candidates applying for employment at Idaho’s public four-year universities.” Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Center for American Education has been exposing the use of diversity […]

The Center for American Education works with state legislators, policymakers, and parents to promote transformational change to our state and national education system so that it best serves the families and students who utilize it. We conduct research on and advocate for policies that empower students and their families and prepare individuals to pursue academic truth, advance knowledge, and contribute to the growth of a strong moral order and prosperous society.
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