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Gender Theory Toolkit

Learn how to detect — and defeat — radical gender theory in Idaho classrooms

Radical gender theory, an ugly ideology that seeks to create confusion about the concepts of gender and biological sex to destabilize family structures and destroy childhood innocence, has crept into Idaho’s classrooms right under our noses.

You’re ready to fight back, but you need the tools and knowledge to fight this left-wing indoctrination. The Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Radical Gender Theory Toolkit will give you what you need to detect and defeat this damaging ideology in your local schools.

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We can stop radical gender theory here in Idaho and show the leftists they can’t infect our kids’ minds with ideological poison. Fill out the form below to get your free copy of our guide to detecting and defeating radical gender theory here in Idaho and across the country.

What’s in this guide?

This must-have blueprint for defeating radical gender theory in Idaho schools features insightful analyses from some of the brightest minds fighting the scourge of radical gender theory: Jonathan Butcher, Meg Kilgannon, analysts from IFF’s Center for American Education, and others. They will teach you:
What gender theory is and how to recognize it in spite of the left-wing spin and buzzwords
Actionable steps you can take to fight gender theory at your local school
Specific steps you can take to fight radical gender theory in your local school
“To protect their kids from the destructive ideas of radical gender theory that seek to confuse them and make them question who they are, parents must be informed about the true threat this ideology poses. They must know what it teaches and how it is brought into K-12 schools. They must be empowered with knowledge of the steps they can take to defend their children. This toolkit gives parents the knowledge to do just that.”

Kaitlyn Shepherd

Idaho Freedom Foundation's Center for American Education
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