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Clark family

“I want people to understand that they have more than one option when they are choosing their child’s education. There are charter schools, co-ops, online home-based schools, as well as developing a curriculum on your own from books found at the local library – be sure to research what the state requires – attending the local public school is not the only option.”

“Education starts at birth, so I’ve been homeschooling for 26 years.”

“I attended college to be a bilingual educator, while I worked at a local elementary school before I started a family. The elementary teachers were amazing and taught me how to love students as individuals. I saw the different dynamics of how teachers treat students and the students' natural gifts. It showed me the difference between different teaching styles and how they reflected on the student.”

“While working in the school, I saw how time was used. I wanted to help my four children to  keep the natural gifts they had and help develop those gifts. We followed the Thomas Jefferson Philosophy – love of Learning, by offering things of interest through literature, field trips and mentors. Know your purpose in life, which is constantly evolving. Love the Lord.” 

“My sons actually started a business while they were in school, it’s just something we casually did then started doing more and more. So we keep ourselves really busy with our other business and learn through that as well.”

“Homeschooling is not an option for everyone. It was the best option for my family.”

Marcee Squire Clark
Middleton, Idaho

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