Little misses opportunity to defend religious freedom

Gov. Brad Little was handed a major opportunity last week to defend religious liberty in his own state, but he punted. After three people were arrested for singing church hymns…

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Scary: Little threatens to take away Halloween fun

Next up in the latest round of ‘rona ridiculousness: Gov. Brad Little told a telephone townhall audience Tuesday that it’s “too risky” for youngsters to be out and about this…

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Experts and the people

By Dr. John M. Livingston | Medical Policy Adviser I watched with interest Gov. Brad Little’s recent press conference in which he declared that we would stay in phase 4…

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Covid-19 immunity legislation will produce lots of lawsuits

Legislation will be introduced during the upcoming special session that supporters say will protect businesses from Covid-19 lawsuits. Supporters are wrong: If anything, the legislation will invite lawsuits, especially those…

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Opting out of public school this fall? Legislators won't help your transition

Legislative leaders have summarily decided to shut down any talk of expanding school choice options for the upcoming academic year. The reason? They claim there’s not enough time to consider…

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Idaho schools should reopen on schedule

By Dr. John M. Livingston | Medical Policy Adviser The overwhelming, incontrovertible scientific evidence demonstrates that we should absolutely reopen our schools for pre-K to 12th grade. Yet, the nation's…

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