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Socialism will be 2022's defining issue

Socialism will be 2022's defining issue

Wayne Hoffman
June 21, 2021
Wayne Hoffman
Author Image
June 21, 2021

Idaho has a supermajority Republican Legislature, with Democrats comprising less than 20% of the seats in the House and Senate. Republicans have held the state’s top executive positions for a quarter century, yet Idaho has had a penchant for embracing socialism, government control, and special interest collectivist causes. 

This is at the heart of what I expect will shape conversations and debates leading up to the 2022 elections, especially for the Republican primary; it’s already shaping up to be the case in the nascent contests for governor and lieutenant governor. Expect that to be true in many legislative races.

On one side you will find politicians that qualify their conservatism with words like “constitutional,” “compassionate,” or “commonsense.” One might call them "conditional conservatives'' if the conservative part were even true. They’re staunchly for limited government except for when they’re against it. Conditions will allow them to side with special interests and government agencies who want more control over our lives on multiple issues and occasions.

Then, on the stump, they talk about how conservative they are, usually punctuating their pro-life or pro-gun stances while hoping no one will know or ask about their votes for growing government spending and regulations—aka more big government. The media will label these individuals as conservatives solely because, like gender nowadays, it only matters if you identify as one. 

On the other side are those who truly believe that government is best when it governs least or not at all. They believe that constitutionally-protected rights mean something always and forever, even when there’s an emergency. Their default is to reject additional programs or regulations or taxes. They believe the government is too big as it is and, if anything, should be made much smaller. They’re super skeptical of programs created under the auspices of good intentions. They're pro-life and pro-gun also, but they reject centralized authority, especially an economy controlled by politicians. And they support self-determination and a free society. They're actual conservatives but they are the ones the media labels "extremists" because they support freedom.   

Big government politicians from both major political parties will roll their eyes and claim what I've said is not true, but there is a reason why Idaho suffers from liberal public policies, and it’s not because the state has an abundance of conservative government officials.

It explains why parents and students in other states enjoy more education choice than Idahoans, why Idaho’s colleges and universities have adopted a social justice agenda, and why our state passed the weakest anti-critical race theory law in the nation. It is why you and I as taxpayers continue to pay for the propaganda of National Public Radio and Idaho Public Television. 

It is why your property rights, your ability to earn a living, and your other constitutionally-protected freedoms are continuously under assault. It’s why the state continues to accept billions of dollars from the feds, essentially making Idaho little more than an arm of President Joe Biden’s administration.

It is why Idaho's response to the China virus was to shut down the economy, divide people into essential and nonessential, and force people to wear masks. 

This didn't just happen. We've been going down the road to socialism for a long time now. It's up to Idahoans to pay close attention to candidates and ask a lot of questions of anyone seeking your support in 2022, because there's never been a better time to get Idaho back on track toward embracing the freedoms that made America the greatest country there ever was.

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  • KJ says:

    We can start to fix this my disposing of governor Little. But in the end, people need to get involved. America used to run itself properly decades ago. Not true anymore.With the current crop of people in government we know they are essentially parasites feeding on the host, the tax payer. They need to be gone.

  • Dan Foreman says:

    Spot on Wayne! We have a Republican majority in the legislature, but we sure do not have many true conservatives. The majority of our legislators are too cowardly to stand up and legislate in support of our Constitutional Rights. They are too concerned with staying in “power” and getting re-elected to engage in the tough-minded work of doing the people’s business. Are these strong words? Sure they are. But they lay out the simple truth our State is being governed by people who have taken the easy road - to self advancement and political correctness. They would rather claim to be open minded and in touch with the “times” than support the Republican Charter they claim to embrace. They seek to appeal to everyone while actually supporting no one - save themselves. It is time to oust these political hacks from government. We simply cannot afford them any longer. Let’s endeavor to replace them with true conservatives who will engage the people’s business and preserve our Constitutional Rights.

  • Patriot Lady says:

    It’s hard to motivate others to see what’s happening, the erosion of individual rights into a collective mentality.Everyone should have their representatives in their contacts & shoot them emails every week to support a Convention of States resolution. Especially when they are in session! They need to know that we are watching & what we think of the issues. Even a simple one liner subject msg such as, please support bill#. We must pressure our reps to make wise decisions.

  • Michael Tomlin says:

    This one is spot on Wayne.

    • Hugh Arwierd says:

      Spot on? Clearly he has no idea what socialism actually is, other than a popular term to scare the base.

  • Warner says:

    What a disgusting unwelcome greeting for any patriotic American considering vacationing in Idaho. I'll never visit. Nor will my 10 married kids, their 9 spouses, and 26 grandkids. I remember Idaho of my college years when people were kind, politics was open and people loved the U.S. flag. No more, apparently. I know you had white supremacists. I've heard some Oregon people want to leave that great state to merge with Idaho's right-wing Nazis. Go ahead and elect the crazy, dangerous, seditionist Bundy. We just ad a big family meeting and voted to not visit, not spend the $100,000 in vacation money, and stop buying Idaho potatoes. You're now a disgrace to our freedom-loving nation.

    • Truther says:

      No...YOU and your $100k (bragging??) are a disgrace to what America was once!! You know what you can do with your $$ and potatoes??!!!!

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