About Wayne Hoffman

Wayne Hoffman is one of Idaho’s leading experts on public policy, the Idaho Legislature and the practice of journalism. Hoffman has spent 25 years writing about government and politicians. He writes a weekly column, found in newspapers and on websites throughout Idaho, and is often invited to speak on complex issues including taxation, health care, free markets and education. Throughout his years in the news business, Wayne won numerous awards for investigative and political journalism. During his years of covering the state legislature, governor’s office and state agencies, Wayne often exposed government waste, failed government programs and politicians whose voting records were inconsistent with their rhetoric. After leaving the news business in 2005, Wayne became the special assistant to the director of the state Department of Agriculture. In 2006, he managed the communications efforts of several successful political campaigns and became the communications director for Congressman Bill Sali. Wayne lives in Nampa with his two children. Wayne has been at the helm of Idaho Freedom Foundation since the organization launched in January 2009. Email: [email protected]

Legislature, Little should reject bid for more office space

Until the Statehouse reopened in 2010, only members of legislative leadership and some Senate chairmen enjoyed private offices in the Capitol. A lucky few senators snagged shared cubicle space in the Capitol basement. House committee [...]

After 20 years, literacy remains a problem because the solution is the problem

The governor was direct: Idaho must make sure children are proficient readers for their age by third grade. He pledged millions of tax dollars toward the effort,  in the hopes Idaho would improve reading scores [...]

State officials should keep their promises to taxpayers, too

State lawmakers and Gov. Brad Little are starting to disclose what we in the policy research world have known for many months: It’s going to be difficult in 2019  to follow through on the promise [...]

Resolve to have a more honest government in 2019

Idaho has a new report card for its public schools. But don’t call it a report card. Except for those times when it is. And that’s hardly ever, but not exactly never. To explain: Superintendent [...]

Hemp legislation creates ideal time for Idaho to rethink cannabis

Congressional action to legalize hemp means the Idaho Legislature and Gov. Brad Little will have good cause to confront the state’s cannabis policy this winter. And it couldn’t have come at a better time: Idaho [...]

Budget sanity, unfairness to Otter, and clever taxing districts

As we look ahead to the new year, a new state government administration, and the 2019 legislative session, I offer the following select thoughts. The elections are over, it's time for elected officials to dig [...]