About Wayne Hoffman

Wayne Hoffman is one of Idaho’s leading experts on public policy, the Idaho Legislature and the practice of journalism. Hoffman has spent 25 years writing about government and politicians. He writes a weekly column, found in newspapers and on websites throughout Idaho, and is often invited to speak on complex issues including taxation, health care, free markets and education. Throughout his years in the news business, Wayne won numerous awards for investigative and political journalism. During his years of covering the state legislature, governor’s office and state agencies, Wayne often exposed government waste, failed government programs and politicians whose voting records were inconsistent with their rhetoric. After leaving the news business in 2005, Wayne became the special assistant to the director of the state Department of Agriculture. In 2006, he managed the communications efforts of several successful political campaigns and became the communications director for Congressman Bill Sali. Wayne lives in Nampa with his two children. Wayne has been at the helm of Idaho Freedom Foundation since the organization launched in January 2009. Email: [email protected]

Support from Planned Parenthood, Pelosi makes Prop 2’s Medicaid expansion  an easy decision

Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Nancy Pelosi love Medicaid expansion. So if you love them, you’ll love Proposition 2. The issue is no more complicated than that. To understand the choice between a [...]

Medicaid expansion costs based on projected 10-year economic boom

Whatever you do, don’t make a move. Because the slightest decline in Idaho’s economy will collapse the estimate of how much money Medicaid expansion is expected to cost Idaho taxpayers. Milliman’s projections assume that Idaho’s [...]

Passing Proposition 2 won’t return Idaho’s money to Idaho

In the newly released state voter guide and in TV ads, Medicaid expansion proponents claim that Proposition 2 will bring Idaho taxpayer money back to Idaho. Wrong. Under Obamacare, that is not even close to [...]

Jim Jones criticizes the national debt—but supports billions more in Obamacare spending

Retired Supreme Court Justice Jim Jones is trying to have it both ways. On the one hand, Jones worries about the ballooning national debt, which now sits at a staggering $21 trillion. He complained in [...]

Hospitals that can’t explain costs shouldn’t be trusted to predict Obamacare’s price tag

It’s ironic that Idaho’s big hospitals can’t tell you how much a medical procedure will cost but they have perfect clairvoyance to declare that Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion will save Idaho money. Well, here’s some advice [...]

Prop 1 gives voters a chance to save an industry that politicians have nearly destroyed

I’m not a big fan of most initiatives and referenda. In other states (looking at you, California) voter initiatives have become a staple of the Left. The ballot box has been used to raid the [...]