UF 200 is tip of huge social justice iceberg at BSU

UF 200 is tip of huge social justice iceberg at BSU

Anna Miller
March 18, 2021

Boise State students are speaking out about how they are silenced and demoralized by activists on campus. The university's response raises a question: How extensive is the social justice rot? 

Our report on social justice ideology shows that Boise State is building a social justice university. This ideology asserts that all whites and especially males as oppressors, and that racial minorities are permanent victims. Social Justice institutions like Boise State then construct an environment that seeks to shame and vent hatred on the oppressors and elevate and insulate the oppressed from any kind of criticism. 

What apparently happened perfectly exemplifies the social justice ideology.  According to a tweet from a BSU professor, one student recorded an instructor propagandizing students with the concept of “white skin privilege” in the general education course University Foundations 200: Foundations of Ethics and Diversity (UF 200). The student sent the video to members of the Legislature. 

Apparently the problems with UF 200 ran deep. BSU has repeatedly received similar complaints from students, according to Mike Sharp, BSU’s director of media relations. In fact, UF 200 courses are specifically designed to bully, propagandize and humiliate students. 

As a result of these complaints, BSU has temporarily suspended all UF 200 sections. “Students have been humiliated and degraded in class on our campus for their beliefs and values,” writes the BSU president and provost.  The problem is the propagandizing and indoctrinating of students in a false and pernicious ideology, not their humiliation.  What beliefs were promoted and in which classrooms? How many incidents have occured prompting administrative concern before action took place?   

By cancelling all UF 200 sections, rather than a single rogue class where an isolated incident occurred, BSU concedes that its University Foundation classes have a systemic problem. 

The suspension of all sections raises many troubling questions. Was an indoctrination course affecting more than 1,200 students per semester developed without the BSU administration’s knowledge? Did the university fund the development of these courses?  Was this course approved as it is delivered? Have assessments of the course shown it to be infused with such a one-sided ideology?  An affirmative answer to these questions should not be surprising given how pervasive social justice ideology is in other parts of the university. 

Evidence suggests that the administration has been building UF 200 as a social justice indoctrination course for years. These courses are “where commitment to diversity and inclusion lives,” as UF 200 subcommittee member and administrator Francisco Salinas has previously bragged

All UF 200 sections are infused with social justice ideology, according to our report; every student must take this course to graduate.

The suspension raises other questions too: How many other courses are indoctrinating toward social justice ideology? Why is BSU’s suddenly-concerned leadership exempting those courses from investigation?  

At least six departments — Gender Studies, Sociology, Global Studies, Social Work, History, and Criminal Justice — are based on social justice ideology. There are nine more departments which our research has judged to be “social justice in training.” Do students in these departments have similar experiences? Are teachers in these classes indoctrinating students in anti-white, anti-male ideology?  

“We will not tolerate this behavior,” said President Marlene Tromp and Interim Provost Tony Roark in a university-wide email Tuesday, Mar. 16. Why has she tolerated this for so long, or does she not know what’s going on on her own campus?

Roark and Tromp promise a full investigation. Why should we trust the administrators to conduct an “in depth review” of their own university? We don’t allow criminals to investigate themselves.  The same people who ran the Boise police department off of campus cannot be trusted to objectively evaluate their own political biases. Governor Little and the legislature should appoint an independent commission to investigate the social justice rot at Boise State.  

Only after a brave student shared the truth with Idaho’s Legislature (it seems) did BSU’s administrators take action to suspend these indoctrination courses.  Acquiescing to the social justice status quo on campus may have been a reasonable survival strategy for students in recent years. No longer. Students who want to change the campus climate need to follow the lead of this brave student and share their stories and make their voices heard. 

And legislators must defend those students by recognizing that a professor intentionally creating hatred against students based on their race is not a fluke. It's what happens when administrators build a social justice university.  

Idaho Freedom Foundation has requested copies of the UF 200 video recording and student complaints. This story will be updated as we receive more information.

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  • James says:

    The leadership of BSU have to go. They cannot be trusted with the minds of our young people.

  • Bill says:

    The focus should not be solely on the biased content of these courses, but should include a complete examination of the bloated administration of Boise State. These courses do not occur in an ideological vacuum but are the result of the influence of the University’s administration. How many of the positions at this school have a functional purpose to improve academics and graduation or do they serve as nothing more than window dressing to promote the Social Justice ideology. Policies promoting exclusion under the guise of diversity have no purpose in education. Policies that allow students and academics to file complaints because they are “offended” by course content or academic publications need to rescinded and policies that embrace Free Speech and academic inquiry should be codified to protect the institution from the vagaries of Woke ideology.

  • Aaron says:

    Thank you for what you guys do!! I am a big fan! Keep up the good work. I hate this racist social justice garbage. It's terrible for our state and our country.

  • john livingston says:

    There is no person that holds more power over the future advancement of a young person than a College Professor who gives out grades that will be put on a transcript and resume. The term "bullies" doesn't describe the cowardice of the BSU Faculty and Alumnae. Our legislature not dealing with this problem is almost as bad.

  • Insert Name Here says:

    I had one of the good professors for UF 200, but I heard about how bad some of them were. My worst class was CS-HU 130 "Foundational Values" taught by a self-proclaimed Social Justice Warrior. The ethics of computer science should not be taught by racists projecting their bigotry onto other people. One subject was about how facial recognition was unfair because lighter skin colors are more easily recognized. There was no discussion about how facial recognition is being used in China. There wasn't even any discussion on the ethics behind facial recognition deployed by governments or companies, or even about how it's unethical to track everything that people do.

    • Name says:

      As a fellow CS graduate, my section of UF 200 was definitely worse — where I learned raising the slightest rebuttal to left-wing talking points is grounds to instantly label a student "homophobic" in front of the class — but I have to agree CS-HU 130 has no business existing in an engineering discipline. The lone instructor of this course pushes a one-sided perspective of issues, and the assignments are structured so students are forced to agree with him (with a side order of groupthink to convince students their peers are on board with it). Many of the cited materials are opinion pieces, YouTube videos and Twitter posts.

      To add insult to injury, the CS department made room for this course by having it replace Philosophy as the prerequisite for half of the degree progression, effectively nullifying the value of the Philosophy credit right as I was about to complete it, and threatened to set my graduation back a semester. I had to fight tooth-and-nail to remedy this with administrators, who were unable to grasp why I was ticked off. The fix was for them to drop Physics II from my requirements — a class that actually would have been beneficial to an engineer, in contrast to the dozens of pointless fluff courses in the curriculum.




    BSU promotes…..

    · That one race or sex is superior to another race or sex.

    · That an individual, because of their race or sex is inherently racist, sexist or oppressive “whether consciously or unconsciously.”

    · That “an individual, by virtue of the individual’s race or sex bears responsibility for actions committed in the past by members of the same race or sex.”

    · That merit-based systems are racist or sexist.

    · And that Idaho or the United States are “fundamentally racist or sexist.”


    1) Parents, pull your children out of BSU and ensure your children DO NOT apply to attend BSU

    2) Stop donating to BSU

    3) Boycott any and all fundraising efforts and/or events held at and/or by BSU

    4) Write and call your legislators, your state senators and Governor to tell them to support and pass the bill that prohibits public schools from teaching critical race theory

    5) Post and share this on social media

    6) Parents and Students, START a class action lawsuit against BSU

    • Trena Caskey says:

      A group of non-formally college educated adults over the age of 40, as well as adults from Socialistic countries need to scrutinize all funding;, political contributions and favors; all college educators, workers, and management; white males that have been picked on; curriculum teaching Un-American Unity values; and non-funding and firing of those found guilty.

  • The students who are brave enough to speak up have far more courage than most of our legislators and members of the State Board of Education who have been entrusted with their safety and education.

  • Kkmura says:

    Given the ongoing theme, among all the opinion editorials posted here, demoninizing social justice as a facet of university circulum. It would be advantageous to provide an expanded definition of social justice as a function life, and what social justice represents as a facet of a comphrensive higher educational

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