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Social justice ideology in Idaho higher education, Boise State University

Social justice education poses a threat to education in America and to the American way of life.

Social justice education divides the world into aggrieved minorities and oppressive majorities. Wherever it is practiced, it compromises the achievement of truth, the free exchange of ideas, and the aspiration for assimilating people into the great American melting pot. It cultivates anger and resentment among the supposedly aggrieved, while undermining the stability and mutual toleration that contributes to individual happiness and good citizenship.

Universities are slowly building up an apparatus where social justice ideology is displacing education toward professions and general education. Some universities like Ohio State University have over 100 administrators
dedicated to social justice. But all universities including Boise State University (BSU) have adopted an ideology that demands a built out apparatus.

Social Justice education at BSU is no longer in its infancy. It is heading toward maturity, spreading into hiring, policies, curriculum, and student life. BSU is adding to its social justice mission every year. We show this in several ways:

  • Administrators at BSU have repeatedly stated their commitment to developing a mature apparatus pushing social justice activism.
  • BSU has hired several administrators to push such initiatives since beginning its intentions to transform the university in Summer 2017.
  • Administrators have adopted policies in hiring and student experience to further the social justice cause and have announced a new emphasis on “inclusion and equity” throughout its colleges.
  • Social justice education has a significant presence in the General Education requirements at BSU.
  • Social justice ideology plays a significant part in at least 14 departments at BSU.
  • The Residence Hall experience is infused with social justice ideology, as is the Writing Center.

BSU is on the same path as universities like Ohio State University and it will continue on the path unless the political institutions of Idaho force change. We suggest budgetary and administrative ways of putting our universities back on the right track.

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