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Obamacare is like a bad news Pandora’s box

Obamacare is like a bad news Pandora’s box

Fred Birnbaum
August 7, 2014
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August 7, 2014

Most Americans have figured out that the Affordable Care Act—signed into law against their wishes— early in President Obama’s first term is likely to be even worse than they feared. We read that millions have signed up for Obamacare, but isn’t this a bit like volunteering for the Czar’s Army? If you are forced to join something or face a penalty, should you celebrate mass coercion?

If all of the fibs and falsehoods about keeping your doctor and your health care plan were not enough, many people face the prospect of not fully understanding how the Affordable Care Act will ultimately affect them.

The bill that was signed into law was more than 2,000 pages, the regulations are many multiples of the bill in scope and now we see that the landscape keeps changing. One day pediatric dental care is a plan requirement and then another day it is not. The health insurance marketplace really resembles an oligopoly with plan choices simply a trade-off between high premiums and low deductibles, low premiums and high deductibles, or something in between. A fair-minded person would call this a false choice.

The fact that most people will struggle to understand all of the implications might be the ultimate design of the Affordable Care Act; forcing people to buy something they don’t fully understand under the pretense that you are helping them while providing a steady stream of anecdotes about how wonderful Obamacare is.

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