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Idaho Republicans love to bash Biden but legislate like him 

Idaho Republicans love to bash Biden but legislate like him 

Wayne Hoffman
March 14, 2023
Wayne Hoffman
Author Image
March 14, 2023

Last year, Gov. Brad Little was one of nearly two dozen Republican governors objecting to President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program. Little called the program unfair and unconstitutional. 

In an interview on NewsMax, Little said, “It’s unfair to the people that didn’t borrow and it’s more unfair to the people that made an extra effort to pay their loans off early.”

He added, “If you make a commitment to borrow money and pay it back and all of a sudden it’s wiped out … I just think that sends a bad message.” 

What Little didn’t say is that he, just months earlier, signed a bill forcing Idaho taxpayers to repay the student loan debts of rural educators. I suspect that Little will sign another student loan forgiveness plan shortly. The Senate gave final approval on Tuesday to legislation that would force taxpayers to cover the student debts of rural nurses. House Bill 213 cleared the Senate on an 18-17 vote, having previously made it through the House 39-30. Big government Republicans joined with big government Democrats to pass this bill.

This is just another example of the duplicitousness of some Idaho elected officials, including Little. It’s very easy to throw stones at Biden for his student loan forgiveness plan, which, as Little said, probably is unconstitutional and faces a U.S. Supreme Court challenge. Many Idahoans have heard about Biden’s debt cancellation program. But I doubt many are aware of Idaho’s, or that at the same time Republicans were attacking Biden, they were embracing the notion that taxpayers should pay back other people’s debts.

Idaho is not alone. Many of the same GOP-controlled states that had words for Biden when his program was unveiled are now also in the process of forgiving student loan debt. In Georgia, for example, Republican Sen. Bo Hatchett introduced legislation to help out law enforcement. 

"Law enforcement officers are critical to the state, but often they are faced with seeking other careers to pay off their loans," Hatchett told the press. "Across the state of Georgia and across the country, we're seeing a shortage of law enforcement officers … who are critical to protecting the citizens of the state and who are heeding the call of public service."

Many of the same comments were made regarding House Bill 213. There’s a shortage of rural nurses, and proponents argued a loan forgiveness plan would help. Opponents argued that the same could be the same for other professions — firefighters, welders, plumbers, and so on. Where does it end? 

And Little was right. It is unfair. It’s unfair to people who never went to college — the barista at the coffee shop, the auto mechanic, the farmhand — now have to pay for someone else’s college education. 

This is the very definition of socialism — “from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs” — and it’s being practiced by Idaho politicians who claim they’re conservatives. It’s legalized theft, taking from people who earned money and giving it to selected special interests who didn’t under the force of law. 

In truth, the only conservative skill some of these politicians have is the ability to bash Biden. Beyond the rhetoric, they govern exactly the way he does. 

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  • Lorin Hughes says:

    Of course the obvious is left unsaid or probably not understood by our lawmakers that seem to be so generous with my money. That is, if there is a shortage of any resource in the market, then there is an incentive lacking. In other words, if the hospitals want nurses they must increase pay. But God forbid, no they want the taxpayers to create the incentive.

  • Camille Hattrup says:

    what if it turns out that we pay student loans to students who perform poorly? wouldn't it be better for the state to sponsor scholarships so the cream of the crop can compete for and earn it?

    • LB Post Falls says:

      Scholarships should be provided by private organizations as they always have, not our government that already forces to pay for under preforming schools. My cousin's daughter was a strait A student who applied for every scholarship she could find and also worked through her four years at San Diego State and graduated with honors and zero debt because she worked hard. If you want it you should have to earn it.

      More than 50% of my current property tax goes to the schools, and school bonds, and now my tax is going to go up $500-$600 next year because a school levy passed. My school district every year puts school bonds on a special election that maybe 10% of voters show up for. The schools illegally promote these bonds to parents and this year there were thousands of pro-levy yard signs and giant field signs. I would say $100k was spent on these signs. Last year the school bond fail the first special election, so they were able to call a second special election and got it passed. Post Falls school district has some hidden group that is getting these bonds and levys passed and they have obviously hired a professional PR firm. Post Falls schools are not in bad physical or material shape, but constantly demand millions more than federal ,state and local funding. Our friend just pulled her son out of a Post Falls school because he is in third grade and cannot read or do simple math so she is going to home school him. Most of the kids in my neighborhood are home schooled which is about 30 kids total and less than 10 in public school. These parents are smart, and their kids are even smarter.

  • KJ says:

    Senator Crapo campaign commercials also complained about Biden's spending spree yet he voted for it. Rino.

    • LB Post Falls says:

      So many people in our state will vote for anyone with an (R) next to their name. We definitely have some very soft (r)s and (D)'s masquerading as (R)s. I wish we had more local talk radio stations that covered local politics because other than a few websites and groups like IFF we have no coverage of Idaho politics.

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