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House Bill 639, State controller, trailer appropriation

House Bill 639, State controller, trailer appropriation

Fred Birnbaum
March 16, 2020

Bill description: State Controller, Trailer Appropriation for Criminal Justice Integrated Data System, FY21

Rating: -1


This is the trailer appropriation for H432aaH of $298,800, with 2 full-time positions for the Controller to develop the Criminal Justice Integrated Data System. 

As we noted in our analysis of H432 as amended, “The Criminal Justice Integrated Data System created by HB 432 exists for the purpose of sharing personal information and individual data among government entities. This represents a severe and ongoing threat to the privacy of any individual whose data is in the system. While the bill exempts the information contained in the system from being disclosed to the public, it does not protect the information from being seen by the government, which is, of course, the primary threat to individual privacy.” 

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