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Blackfoot School District denies public records request

Blackfoot School District denies public records request

Mitch Coffman
October 19, 2012
Mitch Coffman
October 19, 2012

On Sept. 7, the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) requested information from the Blackfoot School District under the Idaho Freedom for Information Act. The request made by IFF director of operations was for:

  • "all documents relating to an expense detailed as 'contracted services' for the amount of $105,428 for the time period of Jan. 1 through Aug. 30, 2012, specifically a copy of the invoice/devise that caused the district to make the payment.
  • "all documents about the resignation of Superintendent Scott Crane including, but limited to: (1) school board meeting minutes, and (2) documented negotiations regarding separation salary and payout of benefits that is in the possession of the school board or the school district. In review of Mr. Crane's contract from the 2011-12 school year, there is no buyout clause or provision, thus expense of $105,428 (if it pertains to Mr. Crane) should not fall under a personnel exclusion within Idaho Code."

A former Blackfoot School District employee and resident has also filed a petition in court Oct. 15, 2012, based on the denial she received in requesting access to the same records.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation was denied these records and, as a result, our attorney has sent a letter clarifying the request and that that statute cited as the reason for the denial is not applicable.

You can read Blackfoot School District's response here.

You can read our attorney's letter the school district here.

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