About Wayne Hoffman

Wayne Hoffman is one of Idaho’s leading experts on public policy, the Idaho Legislature and the practice of journalism.

Hoffman has spent 25 years writing about government and politicians. He writes a weekly column, found in newspapers and on websites throughout Idaho, and is often invited to speak on complex issues including taxation, health care, free markets and education.

Throughout his years in the news business, Wayne won numerous awards for investigative and political journalism. During his years of covering the state legislature, governor’s office and state agencies, Wayne often exposed government waste, failed government programs and politicians whose voting records were inconsistent with their rhetoric.

After leaving the news business in 2005, Wayne became the special assistant to the director of the state Department of Agriculture. In 2006, he managed the communications efforts of several successful political campaigns and became the communications director for Congressman Bill Sali. Wayne lives in Nampa with his two children.

Wayne has been at the helm of Idaho Freedom Foundation since the organization launched in January 2009.

Email: [email protected]

Gubernatorial candidates support civil asset forfeiture reform

Gov. Butch Otter’s decision earlier this year to kill pro-limited government legislation drew heckling headlines like “Idaho Governor Flips Off Libertarians With Both Hands, Vetoes Asset Forfeiture AND Licensing Reforms.” All three current candidates for [...]

Hoffman: Conservatives remain committed to grocery tax repeal

On Tuesday, Idaho Freedom Foundation President Wayne Hoffman responded to the Idaho Supreme Court’s 4-1 ruling that upheld Gov. Butch Otter’s veto of a bill to repeal Idaho’s burdensome grocery tax. Hoffman pledged: “We know [...]

Report praises state’s financial management, but Idahoans still struggle

Idaho policymakers are celebrating a recent study that shows the state’s financial position is among the top 10 in the country. Specifically, researchers from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University found that Idaho ranks [...]

Ahlquist, Labrador and Little say they would have supported makeup artists

Gov. Butch Otter surprised and disappointed many when he vetoed House Bill 139, which would have allowed Idaho makeup artists to continue supplying their services and talents to brides at weddings, beauty contestants at pageants [...]

Blaine Amendment loses its luster as block to education choice

For years, the Idaho Legislature has looked at, and rejected, a variety of proposals intended to allow a panoply of private school options for children trapped in failing public schools. Predictably, reform-leery legislators have often [...]

Ybarra unmoved as Idaho loses ground in school choice

Nearly 20 years after Idaho began experimenting with giving kids and parents a choice in education, efforts to expand school choice offerings here have stalled, while other states continue to raise the bar, improve and [...]