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  17. Horse racing businesses owed due process
  18. Lawmakers, governor raise taxes on driving come July 1
  19. Some Idaho municipalities violating state preemption law
  20. Gov. Butch Otter gave Cameron, Geddes million-dollar pensions at taxpayer expense
  21. School funding relies too much on clever electioneering
  22. Idaho’s ‘consolidated elections’ aren’t consolidated enough
  23. Timber industry another victim of federal land mismanagement
  24. Local control? I prefer freedom
  25. Russ Fulcher: 2015 Legislature more Obama than Reagan
  26. Let’s face it: hiking the minimum wage hurts the poor
  27. ‘Cottage foods’ bill a meddling, muddled monster
  28. What Idaho should learn from Burger King’s ‘tax inversion’ merger
  29. Otter’s child support measure is still flawed
  30. Idaho is a leader — in raising taxes and hurting families

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Arrest rogue retailers on Black Friday

By |November 20th, 2015|

When I first wrote about Black Friday sales, it was truly Black Friday, in the singular sense. Since that time, the shopping extravaganza has morphed into a multi-day binge of deals. Interestingly, the shopkeepers who [...]

Idaho tax incentive hurts locally-grown businesses

By |November 13th, 2015|

Employers Resource in Boise is one of Idaho’s top privately-held companies, and its story is one of homegrown entrepreneurialism. George and Mary Gersema started their payroll processing and human resources company 30 years ago. They’ve [...]

Freedom Foundation submits records request seeking Yantis killing video

By |November 12th, 2015|

The Idaho Freedom Foundation filed two separate public records requests asking police agencies to release any video footage captured on the scene of the Nov. 1 killing of Council farmer Jack Yantis by two Adams [...]

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