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Request Your 2024 Idaho Freedom Index Report

Request Your 2024 Idaho Freedom Index Report

The Idaho Freedom Index is the gold standard for legislative scorecards and the Idaho Freedom Foundation wants you to have a copy – for free. 

IFF’s analysts rate hundreds of bills each year to give lawmakers and the public a holistic view of how bills affect your wallet, your family, and your business.

Lawmakers’ scores reveal if a legislator regularly votes for liberty or more government. 

Find out how your lawmakers score by requesting your copy now. You can get it by entering your information in the form below. If you would like to request printed copies for your group or organization, please email [email protected].

Request Your 2024 Idaho Freedom Index Report (digital only)

What’s in the 2024 Idaho Freedom Index Report?

Do you know if your lawmakers are protecting your rights and your wallet at the Capitol? Do you know if your lawmaker is a big spender or a budget-conscious conservative? Only the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Idaho Freedom Index arms you with the knowledge you need to hold lawmakers accountable.

The Idaho Spending Index shows which lawmakers grow government spending, and which legislators limit government’s grow.
The 2024 Idaho Freedom Index shows you which lawmakers vote for freedom, rights, and self-reliance.
The Index shows you the best – and the worst bills – of the 2024 legislative session.
The Idaho Freedom Index is a conservative compass in a landscape ripe with disinformation, misinformation, and outright propaganda. Every conservative Idahoan interested in limiting government should request a copy today.

Ron Nate

President, Idaho Freedom Foundation
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