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Why do we offer the Idaho Freedom Index?

Why do we offer the Idaho Freedom Index?

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
January 28, 2020

Which legislators vote for more government, and which ones support lower taxes, fewer counterproductive regulations and more personal liberty?

A few years ago, we at the Idaho Freedom Foundation realized Idahoans didn’t have an easy-to-understand guide to legislators’ votes. Thus, we built the Idaho Freedom Index, Idaho’s only thorough scorecard that tells the story of what actually happens in the Statehouse.

Since 2012, Freedom Foundation analysts have reviewed and scored hundreds of bills based on 12 metrics, which you can see here. Those analyses serve two purposes: First, they offer a different point of view than what lawmakers hear from lobbyists and special interests in the Capitol. Next, analysts assign points to bills, which show the public how lawmakers vote each legislative session.

The Idaho Freedom Index stays out of partisan politics and focuses solely on policy. Freedom Foundation analysts rate the merits of legislation, regardless of a sponsor’s political affiliation.

Once issued, Freedom Index ratings rarely change. Typically, IFF analysts will alter ratings only if lawmakers amend legislation. Any changes will be noted at the bottom of the Idaho Freedom Index analyses for full disclosure and transparency.

If the Legislature amends a bill, some lawmakers will receive two scores for that particular legislation: A first score for the original version and a second tally for the amended bill.

Q. Is written or oral testimony used or taken into consideration when reviewing bills.A. Neither written nor oral testimony is considered in rating bills. Testimony often contains subjective viewpoints and emotional claims which can’t easily be verified and don’t necessarily speak to the legal language of the bill.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation invites feedback about the Idaho Freedom Index. If you believe you’ve spotted an error in a voting record or a legislator’s score isn’t properly reflected on the website, please email [email protected].

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