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Watch Otters' MLK Day remarks and keynote speech

Watch Otters' MLK Day remarks and keynote speech

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
January 18, 2010
Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
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January 18, 2010

Gov. Butch Otter and First Lady Lori Otter offered a few remarks and a prepared declaration for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Idaho Human Rights Day on Monday.

First Lady Lori Otter also thanked all the families that came out to the event, and encouraged people to take a copy of the children's book she wrote about the recently remodeled state capitol.
Following the Otters was Boise motivational speaker Cherie Buckner-Webb, who gave the event's keynote address, entitled "It's a New Day." Webb gives her perspective on King's legacy and the current state of civil rights in Idaho and the U.S.

Part 1:

(apologies for the portions with blocked views)

Part 2:

The Idaho Human Rights Commission sponsored the event at the state capitol. Gov. Otter has recommended phasing out state support for the commission over the next four years.

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