This Idaho city will fine you $100 for not wearing a mask

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Hailey, Idaho, will fine Idahoans $100 for not wearing a mask inside city limits. 

City council members passed an ordinance Tuesday that requires all people within city limits to wear masks. 

The move comes as Idaho continues to deal with growing COVID-19 infections statewide. 

Hailey is among the first Idaho cities to require a mask in public places. It’s joined by Moscow, whose mayor unilaterally enacted a mask ordinance Tuesday. The Moscow mandate imposes a misdemeanor on those who neglect to wear a mask.

The Hailey mandate is far less punitive, imposing only a $100 fine for non-compliance. Hailey’s ordinance also boasts more exemptions than the Moscow mandate, which exempts people dining in restaurants, those communicating the deaf or hard of hearing, and those who need to remove masks to verify identity or secure certain services. 

In contrast, Hailey’s ordinance exempts kids under 5, people who cannot “medically tolerate” donning a face mask, those communicating with the deaf or hard of hearing, those who would add significant risk to their jobs by wearing a mask, those securing certain services, and those who are dining in at restaurants. 

It’s unclear how Hailey officials plan to enforce the mandate. The order remains in effect indefinitely. 

Officials in Moscow say they will educate the public before handing out misdemeanors. Hailey officials have signaled they will skip an education campaign and jump straight to enforcement. 

Moscow and Hailey likely won’t be the last cities to mandate masks. The McCall City Council will meet Wednesday afternoon to discuss a mask ordinance. It’s not clear if McCall’s ordinance would impose penalties for non-compliance, as the city hasn’t released the proposal to the public. 

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean also signaled her willingness to require masks, but has yet to take action.