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Another Idaho city will consider a $100 fine for mask non-compliance

Another Idaho city will consider a $100 fine for mask non-compliance

Dustin Hurst
July 1, 2020
Author Image
July 1, 2020

McCall city council members will decide tonight if they want to fine people $100 for not wearing masks.

Council members will debate the idea, along with a no-penalty alternative, as a special meeting Wednesday night. 

Draft language emailed to the Idaho Freedom Foundation suggests that McCall could become the third Idaho city to require masks this week. Hailey and Moscow enacted similar ordinances this week. 

McCall’s mandate could look similar to Hailey’s mandate. The McCall plan would give a $100 citation for people not donning their masks in city limits. The Moscow plan, which takes effect at midnight, would allow non-compliers to be charged with misdemeanors, which carries a fine of up to $1,0000 and up to six months in jail for guilty parties. 

The draft language would exempt kids under 5, people who cannot “medically tolerate” donning a face mask, those communicating with the deaf or hard of hearing, those who would add significant risk to their jobs by wearing a mask, those securing certain services, those in public places where social distancing can be maintained, and those who are dining in at restaurants. 

It’s unclear how the city would enforce the mandate. 

Council members could opt for a simple resolution that urges residents and visitors to don masks. Here’s a small sample of the draft resolution’s language: 

Urge all employees, customers, patrons, residents, and visitors in the City of McCall to

wear a face covering over their nose and mouth while in indoor places of business, while riding in a vehicle with people from outside one’s household, as well as in outdoor environments and heavily-traveled public rights-of-way where one might come in near contact with persons from outside of one’s own household (such as but not limited to shopping center parking lots, strip malls, public transit stops/facilities, outdoor patios, public park pathways, and sidewalks throughout the City of McCall.)

The council will meet at 5 pm Wednesday. Those interested in listening to the discussion can dial 208-634-8900 and enter 846 453 752 # to join the call. 

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