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Winder’s Senate, not the IFF, is biggest threat facing Idaho and the nation

Winder’s Senate, not the IFF, is biggest threat facing Idaho and the nation

Wayne Hoffman
June 4, 2021
Wayne Hoffman
Author Image
June 4, 2021

Senate Pro Tem Chuck Winder insulted conservative Idahoans this week when he told the City Club of Boise that the Idaho Freedom Foundation is the “biggest threat to democracy” the state faces.

First of all, this is not a democracy. It’s a constitutional republic. But that said, in reality it’s Winder and his Senate that is a threat—not just to Idaho, but to the entire country. 

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Remember that it was Winder and most of his Senate colleagues who voted multiple times to fund programs that teach young people that America is inherently racist and  the way to combat systemic racism is to support socialism and communism. Winder and his Senate colleagues can bitch and moan that it’s not happening, but it is. We’ve provided ample proof, from Boise State University’s own efforts to drive a pro-police coffee shop off campus to the University of Idaho’s blatant support for Black Lives Matters. We’ve also documented how Idaho undergraduate students must navigate a gauntlet of social justice courses and departments in order to earn a degree. 

Winder and the state Senate listened to the progressive media, kowtowed to leftist special interest groups, ignored the evidence, and voted to continue social justice indoctrination on our college and university campuses. Thankfully, some outstanding conservative House members, working in tandem with the IFF’s research staff, were able to counter the Senate and offer a better course: a multimillion dollar cut to university social justice programs and a restriction on the publicly-funded indoctrination critical race theory in Idaho. 

Remember that Winder also cast the deciding vote to give $6 million to a pre-kindergarten organization that promotes exposing babies and toddlers to social justice and critical race theory. The legislative session ended with the bill on hold in the House, again thanks to conservative state representatives. Had Winder’s Senate gotten its way, plenty of money would have gone toward getting kids out of their homes and away from their parents so that their young minds could be shaped to support the LBGTQ agenda, radical environmentalism, and union organizers.  

Winder is also responsible for leading a Senate that refused to meaningfully restrain the governor’s executive powers, end the state of emergency, reject federal handouts, end mask mandates, or provide substantive property tax relief.

It is a fact that when you look at Winder’s voting record, the records of Senate Republican committee chairmen, and the record of Senate Democrats, there is very little daylight between them. They are all very much oriented toward socialism. Oh sure, Winder and his colleagues will cast the perfunctory votes needed to seem conservative, occasionally voting pro-life or pro-gun. But on a wide range of other topics, Winder and most other senators have nothing to offer but a bigger, more expensive, and more burdensome cradle to grave government.

Isn’t it interesting that the usual progressive education and business special interests don’t offend Winder? That’s because he and most of his colleagues in the Senate do those interests’ bidding more often than not. They’re comfortably in bed together.

Yet Winder is threatened by the Freedom Foundation? Why? What is so scary about our continued and unflinching support of limited government and conservative values? 

Throughout its history, America has served as a beacon of hope and opportunity for the world. But today, many groups are attempting to undermine our constitutional republic. Other states are already deeply drenched in socialism. For them, there may be no going back. Idaho was well on its way to the same fate before the IFF arrived on the scene almost 13 years ago. 

Last session, the Idaho Freedom Foundation and Idaho Freedom Action got thousands of Idahoans to call and write their legislators urging them to defend American principles. And that’s what has Winder so upset.

That’s why I say he and the state Senate are the greatest threat to our state and our nation. Not the Idaho Freedom Foundation. Winder is either with us, in the trenches, fighting to save the country, or he’s on the other side.

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  • Rick Rund says:

    No Mr Winder, you seem a bit confused. You are the biggest threat to the Great state of Idaho. You and your ilk...

  • Pamela Rogers says:

    Thanks IFF for all you do to keep Idaho free and and shed light on the socialist policy makers in our State.

  • John says:

    Winder changes his tune to what ever his audience is. When he was interviewed by by Wayne he is a “Conservative”, but when it’s the liberal City Club Conservatives are a threat. The Idaho Senate is a cesspool.

  • Al says:

    I agree with you, Wayne, our nation is really a constitutional republic. Though i would say it comes with definite democratic principles. But is Winder's inaccuracy worth mentioning?
    After all, the main principle of a republic is retaining power with the people. Thats why i read libertarian oriented sources such as IFF. And why i oppose the Republican partys bill 1110 signed by Little, and supported by conservatives such as IFF favorite Tammy Nichols. But i digress...
    Our founding fathers desired a republic but were concerned about the ability of public opinion having TOO much power. Temporary, imprudent public opinion can wreak havoc on a govt, whether we call it a democracy or republic. So, they set up different branches of govt, with the courts being most immune to public opinion, executive and senate being less so, and house being the most persuaded by "intemperate, imprudent" public opinion.
    Which explains why the IFF has been more effective in CRT attacks in Idahos House than in senate, and hasnt even tried to attack CRT in court. And, i think, is really Winders point, whether you agree with him or not.
    But, youre a scholar, so you probably know all that, but perhaps your readers would like more civics lessons, free of charge, and without racial indoctrination.
    Oh, and by the way, if correcting our legislators on civics is important to us, pkease pass along to your pal McGeachin some lessons on our constitution. Last week she stated to have issued the executive order to protect our 1st amendment rights against cruel and unusual punishment. Of course, you realize despite her zealousness to protect our constitutional rights, shes mixing 1st and 8th amendments. Should we likewise diregard her point because of that error?
    Tit for tat, my friend...

  • Jake says:

    Baloney. The majority of us despise IFF.

  • KJ says:

    Chuck and those who follow his lead have no doubt been compromised. How can you call yourselves conservative and yet back communist subversion tactics?

    Ask yourself, who benefits from these radical endorsements? Certainly not the people of Idaho.

  • Dan Foreman says:

    You are right on Wayne. Senator Winder said the IFF is being vocal and aggressive. Well I certainly hope so! The socialists and political sellouts on the left have been aggressive for years. Idaho’s Senate, with a few patriotic exceptions, is a collection of liberal, socialist, political hacks that only support left-leaning, well funded special interest groups and their own re-election efforts. The Senate did NOT stand up to the Governor when he acted in contravention of state law and the Idaho Constitution. Senator Winder’s response to this was to support his buddy in the executive branch and fail to act in support of the people by declining to convene the Senate and rejecting the chance to pass direct legislation aimed at stopping the Governor’s draconian behavior. Now he seems willing to just let the whole episode slide under the bridge by saying the Legislature is learning how to “work with the Governor.” Well, that’s not acceptable. Senator Winder failed to live up to his responsibilities to represent the people in a time of alleged crisis. He allowed the Governor to act like a tyrant, exercise control over people in contravention of the State and US Constitutions and spend tremendous sums of money without direct input from the Senate and House. He failed us. I find his resentment of the IFF - indeed he called them a threat to our democracy - quite troubling. I fail to see how exercising the Constitutional right to free speech and seeking redress from a damaging, left-wing, socialist state government is a threat to our Republic. And yes indeed, we have a Republic - not a Democracy. Could it be Senator Winder loathes the IFF, because they point out just how dangerous he and his senate are to our Republic? His Senate seems to go out of its way to sustain the damaging, liberal, socialist agenda sweeping our Nation. Winder’s Senate failed to pass legislation that would have ended the state’s unwarranted and illegal response to a fake pandemic that was no more deadly than the seasonal influenza. The Winder Senate voted to approve an education budget that would have allowed BSU and other state schools to continue to push its unpatriotic and damaging socialist agenda on our young post secondary students. How can this be considered good government? I find his and the collective Senate’s behavior cowardly, out of touch and downright juxtaposed to American beliefs and ideals. It’s past due time to stand up for Idaho and America! And the IFF is doing just that. So I suggest Senator Winder re-examine his feelings toward this patriotic body. After all, there really are some things more important than supporting the Senator’s ‘Little’ buddy and getting re-elected. I support the IFF. They make me proud to be an Idahoan. The IFF has a burning, patriotic fighting spirit, and they epitomize everything I love about The Great State Of Idaho. They, and those of us who support them, are here to stay. We are just getting started! We are going to reclaim our state by holding Senator Winder and his cohorts in office fully accountable or by voting them out. We have every right, indeed a duty, to do so.

    • Fred Birnbaum says:

      Dan, thanks for your inspiring words.

    • Al says:

      What law did Gov Little violate? Are you just angry at his actions or do you have a specific act and specific theory in mind? Im a bit of a research hack on this subject and just wondering since you laid out a claim but mothing more.

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