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The real ‘false narrative’ is that Idaho is safe from social justice agenda

The real ‘false narrative’ is that Idaho is safe from social justice agenda

Wayne Hoffman
March 2, 2022
Wayne Hoffman
Author Image
March 2, 2022

I got a chuckle out of KTVB’s attempt to discredit the Idaho Freedom Foundation with its four-part “investigative” series on us. I suppose they thought their coverage would be groundbreaking or at least debilitating. Not even close. 

More Idahoans than ever are flocking to us because they want to be a part of a sensible organization that has a moral compass pointed right at conservatism. And who wouldn’t want to? We’re successful, and we’re fearless and unapologetic in our defense of freedom. 

The most disappointing but unsurprising part of the series was so-called journalist Brian Holmes’ insistence that the IFF had created a “false narrative” regarding social justice indoctrination taking place in Idaho’s education system.

To say it politely, Holmes is full of crap.

We’ve sufficiently documented the indoctrination taking place. And Idaho parents have recounted, in horrifying detail, how their children have been told to question their gender, taught to hate America, and  encouraged to become leftist activists. 

By his own admission, Holmes has spent a lot of time on our website. He said he discovered more than 100 videos discussing social justice and critical race theory. Egad! Yet somehow,  Holmes didn’t see any of the multiple reports produced by our Center for American Education that document the indoctrination.

He completely missed the reports we’ve written on the social justice programs at Boise State University and the University of Idaho. He missed our research on the numerous Idaho-offered college degrees, mostly brimming with social justice ideology, that don’t offer students a return on their investment. 

Somehow he overlooked our newest report on critical social justice in Idaho’s K-12 education system, even though there’s a screenshot of the report in his coverage. If I didn’t know so much about journalism, I might conclude that Holmes is just a terrible reporter. But in reality, he’s an activist with an agenda unworthy of the title of journalist.

He’s part of the reason the IFF has a standing policy to never speak to the leftist media. At the start of the so-called “pandemic” in 2020, Holmes called me to chew me out for opposing the governor’s shutdown order. He was not calling because he wanted to understand our viewpoint for a story. He was calling to express his outrage that we’d have the temerity to question the governor’s authoritarianism. 

Holmes and his colleagues in the Idaho media have an unshakeable belief in the goodness of government. Talking to the press only serves to validate their existence as objective providers of the news, which they are not. 

It’s not surprising Holmes would overlook a report that exposes the ugly truth about what’s happening in our own state; the rest of the Idaho press have too. They’d rather mislead their viewers and readers than admit that we’ve got the evidence to back up what we have been saying. Theirs is the real false narrative threatening Idahoans. 

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  • Al says:

    Wayne has completely abandoned claims that Critical Race Theory is being taught in K -12 Idaho schools. Why? Because even he knows he can no longer make such claims. He's moved on.
    Yet, to use his words, why doesnt he admit that previous claims were a "lie" and that the IFF is "full of crap"?
    Who's indoctrinating whom with lies, Wayne?
    Tell us which schools were teaching CRT. IFF claimed it, will you offer proof?

    • Bobby W says:

      C'mon now, Al. Don't be so down on Hoffman. Like The Hoff, I also got a chuckle out of the KTVB videos.
      Because they didn't uncover anything. We already know he's full of crap.
      But you have a point. Remember his defense of our dear friend McGeachin when she almost went to jail for refusing to disclose public responses that were overwhelmingly against her? Hoffman said he had proof of CRT theory in Idaho K-12 classrooms. So, ya, I'd like him to accept your challenge to name those classrooms. Hoffman, you said kindergartners are being taught CRT. Oct 6, 2021. Like Al said, why have you stopped insisting CRT is being taught to kindergartners and you only talk about ambiguous "leftist" policies?
      What a load of crap!!!

    • Old friend says:

      An Academic movement regarding society, race, and culture in K-12 you want proof where there is no facts instead ideas. Asking for a script to be written is disingenuous. That’s exactly what AI and Bobby W are asking for to Wayne be dishonest and not lie at the same time. So you actually can’t provide evidence that supports the idea of Wayne being guilty and it’s innocent until proven guilty.

      • Al says:

        Agreed, innocent until proven guilty.
        But isnt that MY point rather than yours? Dont you agree that Wayne is the accuser here and i am challenging him to prove his allegations?
        So our teachers are innocent of indoctrinating students until wayne proves his claims. Agreed?

        Does wayne have people so twisted in these claims that people have this basic premise somehow contorted to think teachers have to prove their innocence?????

        No wonder he refuses to back up his claims with evidence, his "ilk" (to use one of his favorite words) dont think he has to.

      • Bobby W says:

        "Old friend", what would you say if i accused the IFF of being paid by Russian oligarchs to bring down America by bringing our future to its knees by destroying our public education system?
        Dont ask me to prove it. Burden is on the IFF to disprove my outrageous claims. Right?

        • Al says:

          LOL!!! Now it all makes sense, Bobby W! Janice McGeachin is being used as a stooge by IFF, her "indoctrination task force", her speech at the pro-putin conference, yes, I see it all come together now.
          Yes, following the logical thread of IFF followers, its IFF's burden to DISprove these allegations!

          • Brad GEE says:

            wait, someone gave a pro-putin speech, WTF is wrong with these people? reference please!

          • Al says:

            Comments here are tongue in cheek, of course. 🙂
            Attendees at the America First Political Action Conference cheered for Putin as he invaded Ukraine. McGeachin delivered a recorded speech there. Not sure if there was an actual speech, per se, for Putin at the conference as you inquire, but there was general applause for him invading Ukraine, which of course has led to over a million refugees and widespread destruction.

          • Brad Gee says:

            what has the right become, Traitors, and Communist Sympathizers. It is truly shameful.

          • Bobby W says:

            Wayne accuses Idaho K-12 teachers of indoctrinating our children in a communist ideology of "critical race theory".
            Putin is trying to restore the communist state of USSR.
            Trump praises Putin for his "genius" and for being "clever".
            Trump supports McGeachin for Idaho governor.

            What do we make of the nonsense from the far right?

            Does the law of transitive properties mean we can call Trump and McGeachin supporters of communism?

            Hmmm...i haven't been hearing of any more activity in her task force lately....LOL!

        • Old friend says:

          I’m am going to ask you to prove it.

          • Bobby W says:

            Prove Trump and McGeachin support communism? You understand that was made in jest, right, Old Friend?
            To illustrate a point?

          • Al says:

            I think Old Friend wants you to prove Wayno is lying about CRT being taught in Idahos K-12 schools, Bobby W. But hard to tell.
            It's funny. Funny in a sad, tragic way, that the far right claims to be the party of law and order. They claim to be followers of the constitution. Yet the basic premise of common law and societal norms since before our nation was even formed, lay the burden of proof on accusers, and the far right dont believe that applies to them.

  • Old Friend says:

    Bobby W
    1 week ago
    "Old friend", what would you say if i accused the IFF of being paid by Russian oligarchs to bring down America by bringing our future to its knees by destroying our public education system?
    Dont ask me to prove it. Burden is on the IFF to disprove my outrageous claims. Right?

    • Bobby W says:

      Got it, old friend. I asked, "what would you say" if i made up preposterous allegations. And you responded to my rhetorical query by saying "prove it".
      You have just made my point clear, havent you?
      Wayne and the IFF have made up claims of Idaho teachers indoctrinating K-12 students, even preschoolers, with a college-level program about racism. Thats preposterous, wouldnt you agree? But even just mildly realistic, wouldnt you agree the burden of proof is on the IFF? Thats what you meant by responding "prove it" right?

      • Old Friend says:

        I will answer that question once you stop typing in a diplomatic way your on many things more than you think.

  • Old friend says:

    How did the CDA get this recorded call? National news listen carefully


    • BobbW says:

      Old Friend, ive tried to figure out what you're saying and i am thoroughly confused. I have no idea whatsoever what that youtube link has to do with the topic of whether IFF has correctly or falsely claimed CRT is being taught in Idaho's K-12 schools. Im tempted to ask your address, Old Friend, and send some help to you, you seem in a wrong state of mental health...
      Unless you can focus the conversation, we need to be done, Old Friend.

  • No Comment OF says:

    Chairman Kootenai County Republican Central Committee
    Chairman Idaho Freedom Foundation

  • Idaho says:

    Every human lies at least 10 times a day. Wayne doesn’t need to worry it’s just a test of are you feared or not in which he scored high on.
    Parents have choices children will always have choices and you will always have choices. I don’t think it’s fair for you baboons vs. world champion athlete to argue you will lose. Politicians should know better because they will lose. Pick your battles wisely because if you don’t want to will lose. I probably would be IFF side because it doesn’t happen in the schools in my area doesn’t mean it could happen in other schools. Socialist ideas are not acceptable where I’m from. The idea of socialism is definitely defeating its purpose. The school do need to be shown if they are teaching socialists ideas so they can lose also.

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