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The conservative comeback starts here in Idaho

The conservative comeback starts here in Idaho

Wayne Hoffman
January 13, 2021
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January 13, 2021

Washington D.C. is a chaotic mess

I don't believe anything good for freedom will come from our nation's capital. There's infighting, chaos, and an ever-strengthening desire to just force those who disagree to do what we want.

Rioting and violence won't save America. Storming a building, terrorizing legislators, and endangering people's lives won't lead to the change we need to see.  

In fact, Washington D.C. has nothing do to with saving America—the solution simply won't be found there. 

A return to freedom and Constitutional principles doesn't come from the capital: It comes from the states and cities and citizens like us. 

Idahoans are stronger than those who would dominate and control us. The principles we hold dear — individual liberty, human dignity, equality under the law, unalienable rights, trade and cooperation — are made of stronger stuff. America is an experiment in unprecedented liberty, and it is not a failed experiment. If we can return to those principles, our great nation — a new form of people living and cooperating in peace — will endure.

Idaho is the one state where we freedom-lovers can get this done. We're a conservative state, with a Republican governor and Republican Legislature, all of whom claim to support small government and individual liberty. And it's people like you and me who do the crucial work, who research and win the policy changes, who are actually making a difference. 

Fixing our country starts here in Idaho. We're the people who will save our state, and perhaps our nation. Not through violence, but through good ideas, policies that actually work, and fundamental principles. The cause for freedom is something that can never be taken away.

Yours for freedom, 

Wayne Hoffman
Idaho Freedom Foundation

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