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Statists of the Week: Mike Simpson and Bruce Newcomb

Statists of the Week: Mike Simpson and Bruce Newcomb

Wayne Hoffman
February 1, 2021
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February 1, 2021

And now it’s time once again for our Statist of the Week. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have a distinct honor today. We are presenting our Statist of the Week award to two outstanding individuals: Mike Simpson and Bruce Newcomb. Yes, Mike and Bruce both served as speaker of the Idaho House of Representatives. 

Mike, of course, is a sitting United States congressman where he specializes in camouflage, I mean, blends into the crowd so adeptly he’s hard to distinguish from liberal Democrats. Way to go Mike! 

You don’t hear much from Bruce these days. He’s retired from Boise State University where he was part of the administration that introduced the school to the thrill of social justice engineering.

Mike and Bruce recently wrote an open letter to the Legislature beating up on members for wanting to end the ongoing state of emergency. 

They wrote (or I should say, someone wrote for them) that “a crisis is not the time to dismantle the Governor's ability to respond quickly during an emergency.” They go on to say that, “The Idaho Legislature's reckless and careless attempts to end the COVID-19 emergency declaration and weaken Idaho's response in future emergencies puts this generation and future generations of Idahoans at risk.”

Well, that’s a load of hogwash. Or maybe it isn’t. 

Maybe they’re right. Maybe what Idaho really needs to handle a crisis, to provide an easy way to “lead” during a crisis, is a king. 

Having a Legislature, judiciary, governor, state agencies … man that is so inefficient. What is this, 2015? 

We kinda need a king. Mike Simspon and Bruce Newcomb did not say that explicitly, but they kind of do, because they continue to build on the narrative that one centralized authority exercising unilateral power over the people of the state of Idaho for an entire year … Well, that’s worth it, especially if we can get our hands on some of that awesome federal money that Washington D.C. keeps printing. 

Wow, you know suddenly it’s a good thing Mike Simpson hasn’t done anything to rein that in! 

And so, our Statists of the Week are Mike Simpson and Bruce Newcomb. For recognizing that government is best that governs, well, all the time! 

Who will be next week’s winners? Tell me your suggestions. Drop me a line: [email protected]. We’ll talk to you again soon!

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