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Statists of the Week: Crapo, Risch earn the honors for infrastructure votes

Statists of the Week: Crapo, Risch earn the honors for infrastructure votes

Wayne Hoffman
August 26, 2021
Wayne Hoffman
Author Image
August 26, 2021

It’s time for our Statist of the Week. Who is most deserving of this week’s honor? Why it’s U.S. Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch. Did you have any doubt that it would be them? Crapo and Risch voted for that monstrosity of an infrastructure bill that generations of Americans will be paying for. You’re already paying for it, as the$1.2 trillion price tag is added onto the trillions of dollars in new national debt. 

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If you were upset by President Barack Obama’s runaway spending, you should be upset that Crapo and Risch are carrying on in his tradition. Keep in mind also that while the Washington, D.C. insiders call this an infrastructure bill, just like the Farm Bill is not about farms, this legislation is not about infrastructure. 

It’s about a lot of other things. For example: it’s about government surveillance, because it includes a pilot program to charge drivers based on how many miles they drive. 

It includes onerous reporting requirements on cryptocurrency transactions that will probably drive some crypto innovators out of the country. 

It includes a prohibition on discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. 

But it’s not just those things that are annoying as all get out. It’s the fact that, like a lot of statists, they tried to explain away their votes with lies, cover ups and distractions. Risch called it “reasonable and conservative.” 

Crapo called the bill “counter-inflationary.” That’s his way of saying it won’t add to inflation. That’s just not just true. The Wall Street Journal had an excellent write up about why Crapo’s argument flies in the face of reality. 

But I’ll save that for another day. For now, I’ll just mention that IFF’s Vice Chairman, Bryan Smith, did a really nice job looking over the John Birch Society’s ratings of congressmen based on adherence to constitutional principles, very similar to how the Freedom Foundation looks at legislation. Smith noticed that in 2012 Crapo and Risch both scored 95 percent on the JBS scorecard. 

In each of the years since then, their ratings have fallen, and in 2020, Crapo and Risch scored 30% and 35% respectively. Today, these senators rank lower than Bernie Sanders, who scored a 38% most recently. 

Not long after the vote on the so-called infrastructure bill, our senators sent out news releases, criticizing Democrats and complaining about how they’re sending us down the road to socialism. Who do they think they’re fooling? Not us. And that’s why Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch are our statists of the week!

Who should be next week’s winner? Drop me a note … [email protected]. And also don’t forget to let me know who should be the statist of the quarter for Q2, 2021. As always be sure to hit the like button, subscribe, leave a comment down below, share this content with your friends and enemies, and I’ll talk to you again soon! 

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  • Bee says:

    This is how Risch replied to my email about his RINOism:

    Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding infrastructure funding. I appreciate hearing from you.

    I recognize in Idaho we have many infrastructure needs due to our state's rapid growth. Many roads, bridges, and transportation systems are in dire need of upgrade or repair. Throughout my time in the Senate, I have committed to ensuring our state would receive its fair share of federal funding for worthy infrastructure projects.

    In early August, the Senate passed the infrastructure bill for America’s roads and bridges. Senators had two choices: this $550 billion package with no tax increases, or allow Democrats to pass the Biden proposal of $2.5 trillion, raise taxes, and pile it on top of their impending $3.5 trillion social spending spree. On behalf of Idaho, I chose to support the lower $550 billion investment in hard infrastructure like roads, bridges, and broadband. I believe it to be the substantially more reasonable and conservative solution to the necessary infrastructure spending. I intend to vigorously oppose Democrats’ reckless $3.5 trillion social spending bill, which is coming next.

    Again, I value your effort to get in touch with me to share your thoughts, as many Idahoans do. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future on this or other issues.

    Very Truly Yours

    James E. Risch
    United States Senator

  • john livingston says:

    Great article Wayne. For another great article on the same subject: https://gemstatepatriot.com/blog/who-represents-idahoans/

  • kj says:

    These 2 are worthless human beings. Did they read the bill? Either way, both of these hacks work against the people of Idaho.

  • ernie1241 says:

    What makes you think that the JBS stands for "constitutional principles"?

    When the John Birch Society scored the voting behavior of all members of Congress via its "Conservative Index" (now known as "Freedom Index"), they gave Sen. James O. Eastland of Mississippi a score of 96 out of 100. So, from the JBS perspective, Eastland was a role model for how our elected representatives should behave because HE represented our best qualities and instincts. However, Eastland sought and received KKK support for his election campaigns AND in 1964 he helped thwart the prosecution of the murderers of civil rights workers.

    Keep in mind that the KKK was listed since 1947 as a subversive organization on the Attorney General's List. It was also listed as subversive by the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

    Is Eastland REALLY the type of person who we REALLY want to praise, along with the JBS, as somebody who * properly * understood Constitutional principles and values and the proper role of government within our society?

    Do we really want to elevate and celebrate white supremacists and other bigots to the pinnacle of our country -- just because they fraudulently claim to understand what a "republic" means and they describe themselves as "patriots" or "Constitutionalists"?

    Significantly, JBS founder Robert Welch left the GOP in 1956 to campaign and vote for the Presidential candidate of the States Rights Party (T. Coleman Andrews of Richmond VA). Andrews was a life-long white supremacist. The official motto of that Party in 1956 was "Segregation Forever!". In 1976, Welch again voted for a life-long racist (Tom Anderson, American Party).

    In addition, Welch and the JBS praised many other white supremacists in Congress -- such as: Cong. John Rarick (LA). Rarick was a KKK member. Also: Cong. L. Mendel Rivers (SC) and Sen. Strom Thurmond (SC). In 1963, Welch asked Thurmond to accept appointment to the JBS National Council but he declined.

    WHY should we emulate Robert Welch or the John Birch Society OR believe that THEIR understanding of our Constitution should prevail?

  • ernie1241 says:

    BTW -- just for historical accuracy:

    The FBI during Hoover's tenure as Director falsified EVERY major predicate of JBS ideology.

    The FBI received thousands of letters from concerned citizens asking if the JBS was a legitimate patriotic organization or perhaps a Communist-front designed to cause confusion and disparage our leaders and institutions.

    Hoover grew so weary of the constant falsehoods circulated by the Birch Society that he asked the American Legion's National Americanism Committee to help the FBI in thwarting malignant JBS propaganda -- which the Legion did.

    Hoover also stated publicly at a November 1964 press conference that:
    "Personally, I have little respect for the head of the John Birch Society since he linked the names of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the late John Foster Dulles, and former CIA Director Allen Dulles with communism."


    "The supporters of this organization and those influenced by the vicious propaganda it has been putting out are typical of the fanatics who have been attempting lately to disparage and discredit Bureau speakers who have been giving audiences a true, factual picture concerning the nature of the threat which communist activities in this country represent." [FBI-HQ 62-104401, serial #791, March 9, 1961, Chief Inspector W.C. Sullivan to Assistant Director A.H. Belmont].

    “The John Birch Society is an extremist organization which was founded by Robert Welch in Indianapolis, Indiana in December 1958…We certainly should not allow ourselves to be placed in a position where an organization of the character of the JBS can use statements attributed to the Bureau or to the Director to support its position in this or any other matter. This organization would not hesitate to twist any statement by the Bureau to confirm with its extremist position.” J. Edgar Hoover wrote “OK” on memo as did Associate Director Clyde Tolson. [FBI HQ file 61-7582, #4729; 2/8/61 memo from A.J. Decker to A.H. Belmont re: JBS member phone call; also, in HQ file 62-104401, #unrecorded]

  • Richard Garber says:

    f you look at the Freedom Index web site, then the pattern of consistent decrease Smith claims falls apart. In 2011Crapo scored 65%, and Risch scored 63%. Also (after Smith’s article was published) the latest 2021 scores were posted, with both Crapo and Risch back up at 90%!

  • enemyofthestate says:

    Crapo and Risch's votes for the infrastrucure bill are outrageous. I am looking for a candidate--- certainly not a Dem-- to vote for other than Risch and Crapo. Unlikely that I'll find one. Idaho is a one-party state and politicians like Crapo, Risch and Little do as they please, knowing their positions are secure in a red state.

    Why are Risch and Crapo not speaking out against the many excesses of the Biden administration? All I have seen from Crapo is a couple of wimpy mailings about Medicare.

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