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Statement on the signing of House Bill 71

Statement on the signing of House Bill 71

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
April 4, 2023

Idaho Freedom Foundation president Wayne Hoffman issued the following statement regarding Gov. Brad Little signing House Bill 71, the Vulnerable Child Protection Act:

This is the culmination of a long fight to protect children from dangerous, barbaric, and in many cases irreversible drugs and surgeries that are promoted in the name of the transgender ideology.

For the last couple of years, the Idaho Freedom Foundation made combating gender ideology a priority. We highlighted how the state has no policy blocking Medicaid from covering gender procedures, and that taxpayers had already footed the bill for hormone therapy for two men suing the state.

The IFF team also put together a “toolkit” to help parents identify and fight radical gender theory. And we’ve used our school district mapping website to let parents know which school districts are playing with pronouns.

Most notably, the Idaho Freedom Foundation invited detransitioned teen Chloe Cole to Idaho in February. During her visit to Idaho, she shared her testimony with lawmakers and then spoke to a packed Lincoln Auditorium for Capitol Clarity.

We are thankful that Gov. Little heard Chloe’s message, and the message of thousands of Idahoans concerned about the brainwashing and long term effects of radical gender ideology on our kids. Idaho will be a state where children can grow up free from this kind of harm - where they are protected, not mutilated.

We are also thankful for you! This could not have happened without the thousands of people who signed petitions, sent emails, and made phone calls urging the governor to make the right choice. Thank you!

Enjoy this victory, but remember, there is more to do. Stick with us this summer as we discuss other ways we need to protect our kids from the radical Left.

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