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St. Luke's plots end-run around new law protecting children from gender mutilation

St. Luke's plots end-run around new law protecting children from gender mutilation

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
April 14, 2023

While we celebrate the passage of a bill preventing children from being mutilated at the hands of pseudoscience leftists, it appears the battle is far from over. 

We learned this afternoon that officials at the St. Luke's medical system are already trying to find ways around the newly-signed House Bill 71 which protects minors from being subjected to so-called "gender-affirming" surgeries and hormone treatments. 

Dr. Henry R. Thompson, System Director Children’s Service Line at St. Luke’s Health System, who includes the pronouns "he/him/his" in his signature line, wrote in a letter that “It is with sadness and frustration that I write to you regarding the passage of Idaho House Bill 71 - Vulnerable Child Protection Act.” Thompson goes on to say, “Together, we will craft a cohesive plan to address care issues including counselling and potential sites of service outside of Idaho.”

We knew that this could happen. In fact, it's the reason House Bill 71 didn't score a higher positive rating on the Freedom Index. It contains a big loophole that allows Idaho children to be referred to clinics out of state for the same procedures Idaho just banned. 

We don't know how big a business this is for St. Luke's, but the hospital system advertises it on its website as part of its "essence clinic." The website says it has a team that  "provides hormonal therapy, mental health evaluation, and surgical consultations for patients" as well as "provid[ing] gender-affirming care."

Clearly, this is a problem. The medical industrial complex will do anything to keep the status quo of trying to "fix" children and delude them into believing that they're not perfect the way they are; just a few surgeries and some hormones — medical interventions for the rest of their life — is all it takes to be happy. Or so they're telling children. 

We will never stop our efforts to protect minors from butchery and debauchery. 

Thank you again for supporting our efforts to protect children from the harm being committed by woke medical practitioners. It is clear it will take at least one more legislative session to get the job done. Let's not stop now!  

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