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Senate Bill 1344 — Agency reporting of federal grants received

Senate Bill 1344 — Agency reporting of federal grants received

Lindsay Atkinson
February 21, 2020

Bill description: SB 1344 would add new reporting requirements for state agencies that receive federal funding.

Rating: +2

Does it in any way restrict public access to information related to government activity or otherwise compromise government transparency or accountability? Conversely, does it increase public access to information related to government activity or increase government transparency or accountability? 

SB 1344 increases government accountability by imposing additional reporting requirements on state agencies that receive federal funding. Agencies already report a number of items to the Idaho Division of Financial Management when they prepare their budget requests for each fiscal year. These requests become part of the public record. 

Under current requirements, state agencies must report the amount of federal funds they propose to use in their budgets, what obligations they owe to the federal government, and other items. SB would also add to this the requirement that agencies list the date when their federal funds are set to expire. In addition, they would have to list out any state matching requirements for a federal grant. Many federal grants make states put up some of their own money before they receive the grant. These new requirements would increase government transparency for agencies that receive federal funds.


Does it increase government spending (for objectionable purposes) or debt? Conversely, does it decrease government spending or debt? 

SB 1344 also requires that “[i]f an agency receives notice of a reduction in federal funding from a specific federal grant of fifty percent (50%) or more from the previous year’s funding, it shall develop a plan to either reduce or eliminate the services provided through the grant or to continue the services without a shift to state resources.” 


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