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Boiseans already pay $6 million a year to run the library system, and have received no estimate on how that number may grow

The city of Boise began its current collection of library buildings when it moved its main structure from the Carnegie Library site, first occupied in 1905, to the current Capitol Boulevard site, first occupied in [...]

House Bill 241 — County fair taxing districts

Bill description: HB 241 would establish a new type of taxing district, for county fairs. Rating: -5 Does it create, expand, or enlarge any agency, board, program, function, or activity of government? Conversely, does it [...]

In deep water: Boise taxpayers covering losses on six city pools

Over the past five years, all six of the city-operated pools in Boise have lost money. The annual losses, for a single pool, have ranged from $37,000 to $101,000. Ivywild Pool, an outdoor pool located [...]

Send Salmon School District officials to detention for likely election law violations

The Salmon School District has likely violated Idaho election law by using taxpayer dollars to encourage voters to pass a $25.6 million bond, an Idaho Freedom Foundation investigation shows. This potential violation is currently being [...]

Senate Bill 1138 — Provisional license for electricians

Bill description: SB 1138 would create a new, provisional license for electricians. Rating: +1 Does it increase barriers to entry into the market? Examples include occupational licensure, the minimum wage, and restrictions on home businesses. [...]

Local government legislative update: Handheld phones, annexation, and record requests

Senate Bill 1064: Handheld cellphone use in a vehicle Throughout the past couple years, several cities across Idaho (Hailey, Ketchum, Pocatello, Idaho Falls) have passed ordinances prohibiting the use of a handheld device while driving. [...]