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Sniffed out: City of Boise acting as a real estate business

Recently, there was much attention paid to the Boise City Council's decision to relocate The Cabin, a historic city-owned structure, which houses a nonprofit by the same name. The attention will most likely continue for [...]

IFF & Blue Valley Residents: Gateway East approval would lead to a loss of affordable housing

Boise, ID—Residents of the Blue Valley manufactured home park are concerned that they may lose their affordable housing, at a time when there is a housing crisis unfolding in the city of Boise. On December [...]

Sniffed out: Boise’s downtown housing incentive program adds to generous subsidies for developers

To spur the creation of housing, the Boise City Council established the Downtown Housing Incentive Program on March 3, 2015. In 2017, the first funding was approved for three housing developments in the downtown area: [...]

Sniffed out: Inconsistency between private and public historic preservation in Boise

In early August, the City of Boise implemented a 182-day moratorium that prevents the demolition, alteration, or relocation of homes located between Main and Idaho Streets and 1st and 2nd Streets. The moratorium was a [...]

Sniffed out: A new urban renewal district will increase property taxes

In early December, the city of Boise will decide whether or not to accept the Capital City Development Corporation’s proposal for a new urban renewal district. What residents of the city should know is that [...]

Sniffed out: charitable giving via taxation

In early October, the Ammon City Council implemented a charitable contribution policy, to give up to $20,000 of taxpayer monies a year to private, nonprofit organizations. The Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Harrison Smith informed city officials [...]