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Senate Bill 1267 — Daylight saving time

Senate Bill 1267 — Daylight saving time

Lindsay Atkinson
February 3, 2020

Bill description: SB 1267 would permanently change the time for Northern Idaho when the state of Washington makes daylight saving time permanent.

Rating: 0

Analyst’s Note:

Though SB 1267 does not fall within the metrics of our bill rating system, the Idaho Freedom Foundation is concerned with its potential delegation of power. 

The bill says that “at such time as the state of Washington makes daylight saving time the permanent time of the state .. .those areas of the state of Idaho that are in the Pacific time zone shall also make daylight saving time the permanent time.”

Clearly, this bill is meant to make sure that clocks in the portions of Idaho that are currently in the Pacific Time Zone will have the same time as those in the state of Washington. But in the process, the bill delegates the authority to set the timeline for a permanent time change in Idaho to the Washington State Legislature, instead of to the Idaho State Legislature, where that power should sit.

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