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Senate Bill 1251 — Monetary donation for organ donor awareness

Senate Bill 1251 — Monetary donation for organ donor awareness

Lindsay Atkinson
January 29, 2020

Bill description: SB 1251 would allow Idahoans to submit a voluntary monetary contribution to the organ donation education fund when they apply for or renew their motor vehicle registration.

Rating: -1

Does it transfer a function of the private sector to the government? Examples include government ownership or control of any providers of goods or services such as the Land Board's purchase of a self-storage facility, mandatory emissions testing, or pre-kindergarten. Conversely, does it eliminate a function of government or return a function of government to the private sector? 

This bill allows Idahoans to donate $2 or $5 to Idaho’s Organ Donation Education Fund through the Idaho Transportation Department when they apply for or renew their motor vehicle registration.

Though the bill involves a completely optional act, this donation pathway transfers a duty from the private sector to the government. Primarily, it moves the duty to raise money for a nonprofit organization from the organization and its supporters to government. Money that ends up in Idaho’s Organ Donation Education Fund is “distributed to intermountain donor services located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and shall be used to assist in maintaining and operating a statewide organ donation registry and provide organ donor awareness education in Idaho.” 

Under the plan proposed by this legislation, the government specifically benefits one donor education organization over all others — Intermountain Donor Services. Plus, administering this donation pathway comes with administrative costs. The bill states “each voluntary contribution, less actual administrative costs associated with collecting and transferring such contributions” will make it into the fund. Thus, a greater portion of each donation would actually end up at the nonprofit if people just donated directly.


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