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Senate Bill 1005 — Daycare, immunizations

Senate Bill 1005 — Daycare, immunizations

Parrish Miller
January 19, 2023

Bill Description: Senate Bill 1005 would require licensed daycare facilities to be transparent about vaccine requirements by informing parents of their right to exempt their children from the requirements.

Rating: +1

Does it violate the spirit or the letter of either the U.S. Constitution or the Idaho Constitution? Examples include restrictions on speech, public assembly, the press, privacy, private property, or firearms. Conversely, does it restore or uphold the protections guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution or the Idaho Constitution?

Idaho law requires a strong opt-out provision for parents to exempt their children from the vaccine requirements of licensed daycare facilities. Parents may exempt their children for medical reasons or on "religious or other grounds."

Despite these provisions, licensed daycare facilities can still tell parents that vaccines are required without informing them of their right to opt-out. 

Senate Bill 1005 would address this problem by adding a new subsection to Section 39-1118, Idaho Code, stating, "Licensed daycare facilities shall describe the exemptions provided in subsection (2) of this section and shall provide a citation to this code section in any communication to parents or guardians regarding immunization."

This required notification should help parents understand their parental rights and clarify their legal options with regard to vaccine requirements. 


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