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SB 1314 - Criminal Record Expungement

SB 1314 - Criminal Record Expungement

Phil Haunschild
March 8, 2018

Bill description: SB 1314 would allow for the expungement of all criminal records when a case is dismissed.

Rating: +1

Does it directly or indirectly create or increase penalties for victimless crimes or non-restorative penalties for non- violent crimes? Conversely, does it eliminate or decrease penalties for victimless crimes or non-restorative penalties for non-violent crimes? 

Currently, individuals who have a charge against them dismissed, frequently because there is not enough evidence to be brought against them or the prosecutor lacks probable cause are not eligible to have their record expunged, are not able to clear their criminal record of the charge. SB 1314 would allow anyone who has had all the charges against them dismissed to have the fingerprints taken in conjunction with their arrest or charge and their criminal record cleared.

When individuals have criminal charges that have been dismissed remain on their record indefinitely, future employers, landlords, friends, and family can easily search and find their names associated with criminal activity. SB 1314 would eliminate this undue penalty when individuals have their charges for criminal activity dismissed entirely.


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