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Ralph Smeed doing better, undergoes cancer treatment in Texas

Ralph Smeed doing better, undergoes cancer treatment in Texas

Wayne Hoffman
July 14, 2010
Wayne Hoffman
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July 14, 2010

Here is the latest update from Elizabeth Hodge, in an email to her husband, Alan, on Ralph Smeed, our dear friend.

Dear Alan,

Today we received good news. The results of the PET Scan showed that the tumor has not spread.

The blood tests were also good. I am checking his blood sugar several times a day and it has been high. The doctor wants me to continue to monitor his blood sugar for another day or two before they decide what to do about adjusting his insulin. He is tolerating the medication quite well and has even started gaining weight. His appetite has been good.

People at the clinic smile when they see us coming. Folks in Houston and patients from different parts of the world are learning about "Statism" from our favorite Freedom Fighter/Curmudgeon.

Am sending a new photo for you to pass on to friends and family.
Love and miss you all.

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