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Pentico trespass case Part II

Pentico trespass case Part II

Wayne Hoffman
May 8, 2009
Wayne Hoffman
Author Image
May 8, 2009

I've finished writing my column about the Christopher Pentico case. Pentico was charged and convicted of trespass after he dropped off a letter at the governor's office.

The column will be posted here on Sunday, and is scheduled to appear in the Idaho Statesman the same day. You'll also likely see it in the Central Idaho Post and the Valley Times.

Here's a preview that might just make your blood pressure go up:

On March 25, 2008, two Capitol security officers blocked Pentico’s entry to the Legislative Annex and told Pentico not to enter the annex, the third and fourth floors of the Borah Post Office (the temporary home of the governor’s suite of offices), and the state Department of Education.

“I was asked not to have (Pentico) come back, and I relayed that information to him,” Idaho State Police Corporal Jens Pattis told me Wednesday. Pattis said he consulted with Otter adviser Clete Edmunson and House Sergeant-At-Arms Judy Christensen on how to handle Pentico.

Edmunson said Pentico wanted to Otter to inject himself in Pentico’s dispute involving Boise State University and the State Board of Education, and persisted even after being told Otter would have no part of it.

“He just kept coming back to us,” Edmunson complained.

Was Pentico belligerent? I asked Edmunson.

“I wouldn’t say belligerent,” Edmunson answered. “Obstinate might be the right word for it.”

“He wouldn’t take no for an answer,” added Mark Warbis, the governor’s communications director.
There's more, as you'll read on Sunday.

Monday's sentencing is scheduled for 11 a.m. in front of Judge Kevin Swain at the Ada County Courthouse. Also, my friend Elizabeth Allan Hodge is airing a program devoted to this case on Saturday at 11:05 on KBGN Radio 1060 AM.

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