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No more grocery tax

No more grocery tax

Dustin Hurst
December 15, 2014
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December 15, 2014

The voice of opposition to Idaho’s tax on your family’s groceries grows louder.

Last week, the Idaho Press-Tribune, Nampa, delivered an endorsement for repealing Idaho’s grocery tax, which hurts Gem State families and encourages government waste.

With just weeks until lawmakers begin their business in Boise, the paper’s call comes at just the right time.

The paper reeled off just a few of the reason’s full repeal of the tax is a no-brainer for legislators: It empowers people over government, cuts wasteful spending and it would help the poorest Idahoans.

In the editorial board’s own words:

  • “It wastes manpower, not to mention the fact that some 65,000 Idahoans have to file tax returns just so they can claim the grocery credit, and it costs about $12 to process each of those otherwise unnecessary forms.”
  • “Here’s what Democrats would get for that fraction of a percent—Idahoans who are in the lower income brackets are the ones who pay a higher percentage of their income in grocery taxes, so it’s a tax that hits the poor harder than it does the more affluent. So eliminating a tax that is regressive in its nature would help those who most need it—something Democrats love to champion.”

Here’s perhaps the most salient point of repeal: “Why should you have to wait a year to get back your tax on groceries? How about simply not paying it at all?”

There it is: Repealing this regressive and burdensome tax just makes sense.

We’re glad to know pressure is building on Idaho lawmakers. It’s past time to do the right thing for Idaho families.

For more information, visit the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s NoGroceryTax.com.

Vote in the Idaho Press-Tribune’s online poll to send the message that it’s time to end the grocery tax! Click here to vote.

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