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More from LeFavour on lower tax revenue projections

More from LeFavour on lower tax revenue projections

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
January 21, 2010

Boise Democratic Sen. Nicole LeFavour voted against the state tax revenue targets approved by the Economic Outlook and Revenue Assessment Committee (EORAC) Wednesday. During the meeting, she called the chosen revenue numbers "really, really irresponsible."
LeFavour has additional comments on the revenue projection numbers at her blog. Here is an excerpt:

"We picked a number out of a hat -- the magic target we will cut all budgets to for next year, for 2011. It was a low number. As last year's queen of picking sadly accurate low budget numbers, I'm usually the first to admit when things will be bad.
But the numbers some chose today were so low I had the distinct feeling that a twisted game was being played."

Read LeFavour's entire remarks on the EORAC projections and the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee (JFAC) at her blog.  The EORAC approved a $2.28 billion projection for the current fiscal year, which would be a 7.5% drop from last year's revenues, and a $2.29 billion projection for the next fiscal year.  LeFavour had voted for higher projections of $2.34 billion for this budget and $2.38 billion for the  next budget.

IdahoReporter's coverage from Wednesday includes comments from lawmakers who voted for the revenue projections.

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