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Chief Justice Eismann praises State of the Judiciary

Chief Justice Eismann praises State of the Judiciary

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
January 21, 2010
Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
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January 21, 2010

Idaho Supreme Court Chief Justice Dan Eismann praised lawmakers while calling Idaho’s judiciary excellent in his State of the Judiciary address.  Eismann spoke separately to the Idaho House and Senate Thursday.

“In my experience, Idaho is unique in that all three branches have worked together effectively to deal with difficult issues,” Eismann told lawmakers.  “I thank you for your part in building a judicial system in which litigants will be confident that their cases will be heard timely and decided fairly in a court of law.”

Eismann highlighted two awards the judiciary won in the past year.   The Supreme Court received an award for its service in rural areas from the Justice Management Institute in September.  Eismann also was named to the National Association of Drug Court Professionals’ Hall of Fame in July.  He founded the Ada County Drug Court before joining the Supreme Court.  Eismann told lawmakers that “national studies show that drug courts save tax payers $4,000 to $12,000 per offender,” and also help offenders recover from addiction.

Read more about the Justice Management Institute award in a Supreme Court news release from September and more on Eismann’s hall of fame induction in a Supreme Court news release from July.

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