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McCall voters wise to reject job-killing minimum wage proposal

McCall voters wise to reject job-killing minimum wage proposal

Fred Birnbaum
November 4, 2015

In yesterday’s election, McCall voters rejected a minimum wage increase by a 53 to 47 percent margin despite endorsements from the mayor and at least one city council member. In contrast, voters in Boise and other municipalities supported candidates, levies and bond initiatives that grow government.

Days before the McCall election,  IFF Board of Scholars Dr. Pete Crabb participated in a minimum-wage initiative symposium. A key point he highlighted:  government mandated minimum wage increases often lead to unintended consequences, such as reduced work hours for employees and lower employment levels.

Dr. Crabb took no position on this election initiative, nor did IFF, staying true to its educational mission. Without Idaho Freedom Foundation’s participation in such forums voters would be subject to the usual alliance of government professionals, who lobby for bigger government, and the professional activist class – both of which promise that growing government will solve our problems.

You can count on IFF to be a part of important debates like the one in McCall. IFF is engaged in the battle for Idaho’s future day-in and day-out.

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