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Little, Bedke, and Winder do nothing to stop BSU COVID passport from taking effect

Little, Bedke, and Winder do nothing to stop BSU COVID passport from taking effect

Wayne Hoffman
September 21, 2021
Wayne Hoffman
Author Image
September 21, 2021

Idaho Gov. Brad Little, House Speaker Scott Bedke, and Senate Pro Tem Chuck Winder had no trouble tearing into President Joe Biden after he announced his dumb, vindicitive, and just plain terrble vaccine mandates. But they have been suspiciously silent about the mandate being imposed by a government agency of which they have oversight: Boise State University. 

BSU announced on Friday that it would require student attendees to either be vaccinated or show proof of a negative COVID-19 test in order to attend the Broncos football game on Saturday. This makes BSU the first state government agency to make such a demand. The city of Boise had, a few days before, announced the same protocol for city-licensed events.

If Biden’s actions have the governor, speaker, and pro tem so bothered, they should be even more upset over one of their own agencies acting more in alignment with the Biden administration than with the Republican-controlled Legislature and governor’s own office.

For his part, Little has a standing executive order in opposition to vaccine passports. The city is not covered by the order, as it only bans state agencies from requiring a vaccine passport in order to receive government services or enter state government buildings. 

But BSU is included in the governor’s directive. 

Why the radio silence from Little? In April, Little said, “Vaccine passports create different classes of citizens. Vaccine passports restrict the free flow of commerce during a time when life and the economy are returning to normal. Vaccine passports threaten individual freedom and patient privacy.” 

The new thinking of Little’s executive order is that BSU and other state agencies can mandate a vaccine so long as they offer an alternative. BSU says it will accept a negativeCOVID test, but they could have just as easily offered the unvaccinated a choice of higher ticket prices or having a football thrown at their faces and still remained in the boundaries Little’s executive order established.

It’s now obvious the governor’s executive order was just a really good public relations ploy and not much more. The order generated the headlines Little needed to counteract his Newsome-esque COVID image from when his administration ordered the closure of businesses and threatened the licenses of those that dared to defy him. 

And public relations is also at the heart of what Little, Bedke, and Winder were looking for when they sent Biden a letter complaining about the federal vaccine mandate for businesses with 100 or more employees. 

A strongly-worded letter attacking Biden can be a real crowd pleaser at Republican Party events and fundraisers; even Attorney General Lawrence Wasden signed it. But the letter is a complaint about the scope of federal intervention into the states, not a defense of liberty. It says mandating vaccines is the state’s sovereign right, not the federal government’s. Individual liberty isn’t mentioned, which tells you all you need to know about where these elected officials’ heads are when it comes to vaccine mandates. 

So while BSU’s decision to impose medical tyranny on Broncos football fans appears to annoy a lot of Idahoans, the state’s top Republicans who have the capacity to do something about it are not — and never will be — among them. 

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  • Bee says:

    So students you know what to do.
    Skip the game. BSU will learn.

    On a larger scale Idaho replace these 'ploy' making politicians.

  • CH says:

    You make sense to me, Hoffman and your crew at Idaho Freedom Foundation. Because:

    Idaho and the entire US is now over 1.5 years into, and still going through, this 1st-in-100-years pandemic - a unique, highly infectious & deadly virus, invisible and in the air all around us, during which over 600,000 Americans have died so far and others are grieving, and others are recovering from their worst illness ever experienced (all this has been reported and quoted many times), and, with nothing written in the US Constitution for a lawyer or lawmaker to interpret how to manage & rule over a community, a city, a state government and its state agencies and departments (education, criminal, e.g.), the marketplace and the economy and to get through an ongoing pandemic, and, come out of it alive, still in place and still functioning.

    You want the Republican Governor and Republican Legislative Leadership to rule Idaho like the Republican Party always did before the whole world changed. And, before we even know if, when, how the changes will end.

    • Marc Seeley says:

      "600,000 Americans died of Covid..." how terrible. But how about the reality? "600,000 Americans died of multiple proximate causes with a positive PRC test result, which gives 97% false positive results ". But the truth does not advance the FEAR agenda does it. So let's just repeat the big lie

  • Brad Gee says:

    "medical tyranny" that may be an exaggeration. You have a choice! It's not an ultimatum.

    • Marc Seeley says:

      When they threaten to put you on permanent leave without pay, that is indeed medical tyranny.

      • Brad Gee says:

        Nope, you have 3 choices, get vaccinated, get tested, don't go to the game. Its still your choice. As far as your employer, that is between you and them, I am just referring to the BSU games.

  • Randall says:

    I suggest EVERYONE skip the game… support your local sports bars. These gutless politicians need to see they’re lack of backbone has a negative affect in several arenas from economic, political, and social. I seriously doubt anyone skips the game without the BSU restrictions in place so this BSU president is imposing her political and social beliefs on others… I was taught your rights end where mine begin… The BSU president thinks we have no say or rights so it’s time to show her different!

    • Marc Seeley says:

      What is more important, watching a game or standing up for your freedom? If your priorities are right you will boycott the game. If you are a compliant useful idiot, you will watch some college kids play football and you do not deserve to have freedom.

  • Chuckstuh says:

    I am not lame and clueless on what actions a Citizen needs to do but IFF has a duty to append “action items” to the end of their articles. Another well-known Boise area group that stands for Second Amendment rights always has a clickable ‘actions’ link that helps you draft a letter to the people in our government letting them know where you stand. The least IFF could do is list emails and phone numbers of the boneheads that institute these crazy mandates or that idly stand by. Thanks.

    • Dustin Hurst says:

      That's a really good suggestion and something we are looking at. The difference is, though, that the gun group is a 501c4, which can do unlimited amounts of grassroots lobbying. As a 501c3, IFF is limited in the amount of lobbying we can do. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • Marc Seeley says:

      A few clicks on the computer and even a Luddite can find the email and phone number of the RINOs that need constant reminders of who they represent

  • KJ says:

    Little is useless. I believe he has been compromised as the rest of these puppets. This is why Bundy will get my vote. We need a up-setter to straighten the ship...

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