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Legislator proposes bill that would ban requiring coverage of contraception

Legislator proposes bill that would ban requiring coverage of contraception

Mitch Coffman
February 17, 2012
February 17, 2012

Rep. Carlos Bilbao, R-Emmett, introduced a bill on Thursday that would ban requiring coverage of contraception, morning-after pills and vasectomies, according to the Idaho Statesman. House Bill 530 was introduced by Bilbao as a response to President Obama's controversial policy concerning mandated health care coverage even for those organizations that might find the regulations in conflcit with their religious beliefs.

Bilbao said, as a Catholic, he is offended by any federal mandate in conflict with his beliefs. "It is an attack on my rights of conscience." He continued, "It is an affront to my religious freedoms ... It is not right that we have to bow down and take something that is against our moral beliefs."

There was opposition to the bill from Hannah Brass, director of Planned Parenthood of Idaho, as well as Rep. John Rusche, D-Lewiston.

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