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Lawmakers have immediate reason to target Big Medicine's vaccine mandate

Lawmakers have immediate reason to target Big Medicine's vaccine mandate

Wayne Hoffman
July 16, 2021
Wayne Hoffman
Author Image
July 16, 2021

A pair of Idaho Supreme Court cases that Saint Alphonsus and St. Luke's  hospitals won on May 19 greatly expands the medical procedures that taxpayers have to cover. The additional bills could run into the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, with no ceiling.

The fleecing of taxpayers comes just as Saint Alphonsus, St. Luke's, and Primary Health have opted to treat their employees, vendors, and volunteers as human guinea pigs by making them get the highly experimental China virus vaccine in order to work at their facilities. 

Whether now or this winter, lawmakers should take a closer look at how Idaho government has aided the establishment of a medical monopoly that has shielded it from real-world market forces. Such favorable treatment includes tax exemptions on sales, property, and income and multiple lucrative local, state, and federal revenue streams. 

If I were a conservative lawmaker, I might be concerned that my vote for Medicaid or county indigent funds gives medical providers a bunch of money that frees them to implement vaccine mandates that threaten the health and financial wellbeing of their own dedicated employees. I might be concerned that such authoritarianism is being bankrolled by taxpayers, including the affected employees and contractors. I might vote against giving them more additional leverage to undermine a person’s God-given right to self-determination.

Lawmakers have one basic job that must be done every year, and that's to pass a budget. The more conservative House of Representatives could at least take a page from last legislative session’s playbook, wherein the House flatly rejected education budgets until there was agreement to address social justice indoctrination. 

Some lawmakers might simply want to forbid the state from contracting with entities that impose a vaccine mandate, and that might be justifiable in the short-term defense of health freedom. There is a legitimate concern that such a policy could be used to compel anti-freedom action in the future, such as a statute requiring all practitioners to inquire about gun ownership as a condition for securing a state contract. 

Other legislators have talked about prohibiting employers from asking about a person’s vaccination status. The downside is that such a law could become a blueprint for Big Government causes, such as the recent effort to block employers from asking about a job applicant’s criminal history. 

Yet there are viable options consistent with free market principles and the role of legislators as guardians of the state's treasury. Doing nothing is not an option. An impending multimillion dollar price tag for a couple of Supreme Court cases only serves to feed the beasts that are doing real damage to people whose careers and health are on the line. 

In the meantime, I hope the people won’t wait for or depend on politicians to do something. St. Al’s, St. Luke’s, and Primary Health have acted with tremendous callousness, and that deserves a meaningful, immediate response from everyone hurt by the CCP vaccine mandate. 

Take your business elsewhere. All of us should stand united in opposition to vaccine mandates, whether pushed by politicians or by overzealous hospitals and clinics.

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  • ChuckS says:

    I am anti-mandate for sure. This is America and we can (still) make our own choices. As a former small business owner I do want to be able to hire my employees as I choose based on MY criteria as long as it does not violate federal discrimination laws. Private sector hiring must be fair and within these laws but there must be latitude on everything else outside of those.

  • Mario Perea says:

    The government made the vaccine. As the maker I am asking them to regulate themselves. As the maker of the vaccine, the government has an interest in seeing it be widely consumed, not being able to mandate it themselves, they look to their "private" partners to do that dirty work. The government cannot at the same time make the vaccine and then at the same time hold the power or funding and contracts over those companies who have the ability to mandate the governments product. This is the vaccine loophole. It needs to be closed immediately.

  • Al says:

    Experimental vaccine? Tell us more, Wayne, please enlighten us how Jim Jones has lied once again by quoting statistics that nearly every COVID death lately is to non-vaccinated. He is lying again, isnt he? He must be, right? Oh, i'm sorry, i referred to it in a loose scientific way. "China virus" is a more propaganda-friendly title.
    And why dont you treat St Lukes and St Als like you did to West Ada School District and sue, sue, sue? Has your employment law expert informed you what your readers dont know, that the issue is not a 1st Amend issue, but an employment law issue? The very conservative idaho has a rich history of protecting employers' right of terminable at will, are we now asking government to intrude on our personal right to employ whom we want to? Will you be rejecting my employment application because i reject views consistent with what yoyr board believes to be essential to effectively run IFF? Are going to lead the charge to enact new laws forming a new "protected class" of non-vaccinated" along with gender, age, religious, etc classes? Thats a new form of Libertarian thinking i havent been accustomed to... youve got me thinking too much on this issue, wayne, please tell us not just your gripe but what the law actually is what we should do about it. Or is inflaming people the end goal?
    And back to this "experimental" virus that actually is the product of years of research by various universities and private corporations, demonstrating the prowess of American capitalism and ingenuity, which, Trump continues to take credit for..it must be good if Trump is responsible for it, right?

    • John Howard says:

      Snarky reply. Nearly unreadable.

      • Al says:

        Agreed. Nit so good typing with 2 thumbs on a phone. But my analysis on employment law, though piorly written, is not inaccurate.
        Read Indiana Appellate Court opinion upholding state university vaccine mandates. Not same as my opinion but not inconsistent either.

  • kj says:

    The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is warning employers that they will be held liable for any adverse events resulting from mandatory Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” policies.

    If an employee who was forced to be injected with experimental mRNA gene therapy becomes paralyzed or dies, for instance, that injury or death will be considered “work-related,” meaning the employer will be held responsible...

    • Al says:

      I think you need to update your comment, kj. I followed the link you provided and read the article. Within that article it sources its info with this link: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/employers-may-be-liable-for-any-adverse-reaction-from-mandated-coronavirus-shots-osha
      But that May 10th, 2021 article on lifesitenews has the following update information:

      UPDATE May 24, 2021: OSHA has changed its policy and now says that employers will not be held liable for workers’ vaccine injuries. “OSHA does not wish to have any appearance of discouraging workers from receiving COVID-19 vaccination, and also does not wish to disincentivize employers’ vaccination efforts,” the new guidance says.

      Of course, going straight to current OSHA comments would be best practice, so here's a link to its comments on vaccination in the workplace (summary - you should get vaccinated: "most employers no longer need to take steps to protect their fully vaccinated workers who are not otherwise at-risk from COVID-19 exposure. This guidance focuses only on protecting unvaccinated or otherwise at-risk workers in their workplaces (or well-defined portions of workplaces)." https://www.osha.gov/coronavirus/safework

      Nowhere does OSHA call it the Wuhan Virus, China Virus, or mention that it's experimental. Nothing but support for vaccinations.

      • Al says:

        OSHA didn't just "cave" - Dept of Labor and OSHA both encourage vaccines. :
        "DOL and OSHA, as well as other federal agencies, are working diligently to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations. OSHA does not wish to have any appearance of discouraging workers from receiving COVID-19 vaccination, and also does not wish to disincentivize employers’ vaccination efforts."

        And regarding Wayne's comments about St. Lukes, Primary Health and St. Al's having a monopoly in Idaho, some of you might remember just a few years ago the antitrust lawsuit St. Al's brought against St. Lukes that discusses that issue. No. There's no monopoly. In fact, they're quite the capitalistic competitors: https://law.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/idaho/iddce/1:2012cv00560/30756/607/

        • kj says:

          Lawsuits all over the nation shall decide if this ends in violence or freedom of choice. Watch next year when shtf due to the 'politician' deciding what 'they' think is right. The 'hell with the constitution' thought they have will have severe consequences as the years go by.

          My body, my choice. Let the sick wear masks, not the healthy.That is medical tyranny.

          • Al says:

            Which part of the constitution, specifically, stops private employers like St Lukes and St Als from doing this?

        • DR says:

          So Al, seeing how you seem to be the professor in the vaccine world, can you give us all a lesson on just how the vac works in our body? I have a relative that could die from it, and several other people have gotten very ill, it seems the doctor came clean and told me close relative that the vac caused severe pneumonia, with fluid to fill her lungs, and heart, so I hear people like you preaching how the vac in is all so good, and that everyone should get it, well research a little more and tell us just how it works so well? oh and for your information it is an experimental drug!

          • kj says:


            Al seems to be a liberal promoter, and if vaccinated, and I use that term loosely, is now a super spreader. Wait until winter when we will see massive deaths from this death jab. Even the inventor of the Pfizer jab says it is deadly and should not be used. The former CEO of the company says the same. What part of this do some lemmings not understand?

            No, there is another agenda behind this. Politicians that push this are down right stupid or have been promised something, perhaps insider information on stocks.

            Idaho governor Little is all-aboard with these death jabs also. It is time for a governor that is a anti-establishment candidate to replace the mentally crippled 'leader' we currently have.

          • Al says:

            LOL! I grew up watching Morton Downey Jr in college, my first vote in an election was for Reagan. Moved to idaho a long time ago partly because of its conservative, famy values reputation!
            Im a staunch defender of employers' rights. Which explains my position here. Its my conservative background that is at odds with messing with employers' rights to determine how to run your own workplace the way you want to.
            I can name various lawsuits where employers are getting squeezed by govt, and i dont like it. Wedding cake store owners not allowed to turn away customers with values they done share. Hobby Lobby having to fight all the way to SCOTUS to win its right not to be forced to provide contraceptives to employees, etc.
            And i firmly believe we should not make COVID vaccines mandatory.
            But the health care orgs arent inflicting shots involuntarily on employees, it is a condition of employment. So my conservative values say the employers can choose to do so.
            Dont make medicine political, just look at the legal issues here, and try to see it my way, maybe you'll understand why i may be less liberal than you think. Maybe less than you, since youre in favor of govt intrusion as long as it suits your desires. Isnt that what we criticize liberals for?
            Just my $.02

          • Al says:

            My comments have not been about the efficacy of the virus itself but about the intersection of employment law and personal liberties. I admit I'm no medical doctor.
            But no one is actually forcing shots on anyone. Employers have a right to make the dwcision the health care providers are making. Everyone these days think theyre constitutional law experts but rarely actually quote authoratative material on the subject.
            Read the recent Indiana Supreme Court decision upholding Indiana Universitys policy of mandatory vaccines for full explanation of my position.

          • Al says:

            Agreed, lets categorize it as experimental. By definition, it hasnt been tested in an environment by which all variables are removed so that we can determine its efficacy.
            Well, that describes capitalism, too. Yet Im a staunch admirer of it, as i would guess you are too. It makes sense, experts i trust believe it to be worth pursuing and no matter what arguments are set out against capitalism, ive never been persuaded against it.
            I have people in my circle whom i trust on the biology of the vaccine, so, no, i stick to other things i know more about. But at least i am not endangering lives by my position. Less than 1% of COVID deaths are by vaccinated people. That alone ought to make you look critically at flat-out rejecting the efficacy of vaccines. Thats more than twice the batting average of Ty Cobb

  • Al says:

    Wayne what does Dr John Livingstone, your resident expert, say about the vaccines being experimental. Does he say we should get them or avoid them?

  • J R says:

    Mandatory vaccines are unconstitutional and are against the Nuremberg Code. Over the past year enough evidence has come out from scientists, doctors, nurses and lawyers that say these vaccines are dangerous—to the point of being lethal. We the people are being lied to. This has to stop for the sake of humanity. I want to know of any Idaho representatives who have this communistic mindset so we can try to remove them and save us from this unbridled power.

  • Christopher says:

    Wish folks would stop referring to this as the "China virus", especially when evidence shows it more than likely originated from the lab leak that occurred at Ft Detrick, MD late 2020. Where hundred of people living near the lab came down with this "mysterious" illness, with the exact symptoms as the covaids. They covered that one up by blaming it on vaping, and how bad vaping products were coming out of China.... another lie.
    I love and appreciate your work Wayne, but this information has been readily available for the past year. Stop continuing to make this about party politics, when it's about deep seeded political & corporate corruption where both sides are equally to blame!
    Please do more research, the information is out there for those willing to look.

  • Sam says:

    So what everyone is missing, there is an effective treatment for covid-19 and it is Ivermectin, which is safe and can be used as a preventative and treatment. Unfortunately Big Pharma doesn’t want people to know this because there is no money in it. It is criminal that so many died needlessly! Also no one should be made to take any drug period. We are going down a slippery slope by mandating this jab.

  • Terry says:

    The Covid injection is experimental. No animal trials or long term data. The injection can only currently be given legally under an EUA, Emergency Use Authorization, but the FDA has not approved it. And although it is illegal to force people to undergo an experimental injection against their will, under current Idaho law private businesses are allowed to mandate it. We should change this law. If we don't, who will be next? We should all contact our legislators while also supporting our health care personnel who are protesting against it. In France, Italy, and Greece, this weeks hundreds of thousands are protesting against mandatory vaccinations. Join the healthcare workers here in protesting the mandatory injections. Call or email your congressperson and Governor Little. If we don't fight this, we will all be next. Resist. Rise up.

  • john livingston says:

    My response to Al:
    Prior to 2017 the World Health Organization (WHO) defined a mild pandemic as having 2.5% of a given population die. The CDC went along with this definition. A severe pandemic would have resulted in greater than a 5% death rate. We have lost just over 700,000 souls in the USA. 5% would have been 15million people and 2,5% would have been 7,5million. By the old definition we have never approached being in a pandemic and we aren’t even close to approaching it now. Why the change of definition?----- Hmmmmmmmmm.

    The media has gone all in with the government experts and bureaucrats who individually have very little clinical training and those at the top may be years removed from having taken care of real patients. Clinicians—doctors, nurses and technicians---not hospital administrators, have done an incredibly great job. Ironically, many of them especially those doctors and nurses who worked in ICU’s and medical wards and step-down units are now being told by the same administrators, politicians, and bureaucrats that they must take the vaccine. Like in so many places I have worked and served the people giving the orders don’t have half the courage as those who actually carry out the orders.

    And why for the life of me would our Governor not have on his advisory committee people that have seen action on the “battlefield”? Dr. Hahn is one such person and has done the job of showing the public health perspective to the Governor, but there are always other choices, and by surrounding himself with lobbyists and administrators our Governor has been been blinded to the choices that were before him. Maybe that was on purpose and was done knowingly by our Governor, forcing us to live in the world of a Narnian “White Witch” creating an eternal winter of masks, mandates, and vaccines. Or maybe he just lacks the curiosity, courage, and energy of a great leader? Put an ICU charge nurse on his team and that person---I could substitute he/she but I refuse to mix pronouns and metaphors, would set him straight. Same with the members on our Health District Boards. We need doctors and nurses who take care of real patients representing the people whose lives they will eventually impact.

    After saying all that I will unfortunately now anger some of my fellow conservatives along with the establishment experts all at the same time with “half my brain tied behind my back” I will use a discipline unfamiliar to those on the left, many in the public health communities, and the media. It is called logic.
    1. Only the N-95 masks work and not the Chinese knock off LN-95. Cloth masks, paper masks and shields that don’t fit don’t work. Dr. Fauci and everybody else has known this from the beginning and every paper in the medical literature and OSHA manuals concerning masks and the transmission of small--- less than 5-micron particle sizes, have proven this starting with articles you can find on Medline, Medix and Medscape dating back to 1915. The engineering(OSSHA) and nursing references are the best studies. The other masks have an efficacy of 30% at best. Two masks maybe 40% and the efficiency of using more masks drops off exponentially. The inadequate masks were publicly touted was because Dr. Fauci and the “mod squad dream team” that surrounded him didn’t want a run on the N-95 making them unavailable to front line health care workers. So much for transparency.
    2. Isolating and distancing everyone doesn’t work, type 2 mitigation strategies---we have proven that all over the world. Type 3 strategy---isolating the vulnerable does work. We have proven that but that has been the case since the Spanish flue WWI pandemic.
    3. The vaccine works and is helpful for individuals---the vulnerable and elderly. No matter if you call it a vaccine or a “device”. Did Pasteur change the name from vacuolation---an earlier form of vaccination against small pox and cow pox that George Washington used with his Continental Army conscripts in 1777, to vaccination? Who cares? Live virus infections work. Attenuated vaccines work. And now mRNA fragments work----I can prove it as I have been getting serial antibody studies since March. And if you still don’t believe it there is now a skin test to measure T-Cell activity (killer and messenger). Get the vaccines, get the antibody studies and the skin test and prove it to yourself. And the side effects---myocarditis, cerebritis, peripheral neuropathy and even death are in line with previous vaccines. Sorry my conservative friends but the chance of your child drowning, or dying in a car accident, or playing on a skateboard and dying, are greater than any single person dying from the vaccine.
    4. Children and those who have already been infected should not get the vaccine. They have a higher rate of “hyperimmune response” and thus complications.
    5. Nobody should be forced or mandated to take the vaccine. I have recently heard arguments how mandates from government or employers, could be a violation of WHO directives on patient autonomy, informed consent---forced consent is more like it, and Nuremburg and Geneva Convention restrictions on medical experimentation. Until vaccines are FDA approved, they are experimental. When they do become approved the international directives will no longer be in effect, but the consent, autonomy and privacy issues will continue to be problematic. The MANDATE TO TAKE THE VACCINE IS MORALLY ETHICALLY and should our political leaders have any gumption, be LEGALLY wrong.
    6. All children should be in school without masks. If they are immune compromised or have co-morbid conditions their parents should decide what is best for them-----type three mitigation or vaccination. They alone have skin in the game.
    7. College students without co-morbid conditions should be in school without masks. Everything else including the decision to vaccinate should be the business of their parents and themselves, not college administrators.
    8. The choice for anyone to take the vaccine should be an individual one.

    My wife and I have taken the vaccine. That is our choice. We have assessed the risks for ourselves as only we ourselves can. What you do is your business and not any of our business or anybody else’s including your employer or the government.

    What we should do moving forward is to stop being cowards. Every life is precious and thus friends and relatives of mine who have died from Covid-19 will be forever in my prayers and will be missed. But with all the guidelines coming down from on high we are losing a piece of our lives. It is time to start living. During the pandemic not only are, more elderly are dying---although the all case fatality rate in the USA has only dropped a fraction, but fewer babies were made in 2020 than at any time in the last 20 years. That says to me that as a people not only are we afraid of dying----we are afraid to live. I would hope that I would have the courage to always choose a few days of life, over many years of being a coward.

    Throughout my life I have been an student of Native American history. I just yesterday visited the Custer Battlefield at Crow Agency Montana. Sitting Bull and Crazy Hoarse are two of my five top Indian Chiefs and leaders. As I read the Indian accounts of their speeches before the council the night before the great battle I was reminded of their final verbal charge before every battle the two of them fought. “Today is a good day to die”. It doesn’t mean they wanted to die. They wanted to live. But it would be better if they died as a brave warrior rather than live as a coward. We as a people need to start living and stop being afraid of dying. The disease will take its’ course. Hopefully, few will die. Hopefully, we will all look to the future with optimism and stop fearing what could happen.

    As the Great Bard noted in the play Julius Cesar---“A brave man dies but once, a coward dies a thousand times” Time for us to start being a brave country again. Time for those who still can, to start making more babies. Please, we could always use a few more grandchildren. There can never be too many grandchildren.


    “Fight Like Hell”

    • Al says:

      Thanks for the input! Yes i agree it is "experimental" by definition but Wayne used it in a derogatory, derisive manner to impugn it. I believe people are turned away from vaccines from such usage when they should be consulting people such as yourselves.
      Despite my disagreement with wayne and others on this issue, i am solely questioning the legal concept here of the medical providers requiring COVID vaccine as a condition of employment.
      There is no protected class, federally or by state law, for unvaccinated employees.
      If there were, then the medical providers could still require the vaccine as a condition of employment but the burden would be on the hospital to prove it was reasonably necessary.
      And, i believe, the hospital would have to show it attempted reasonable accommodations to the employee.
      If our governor simply prohibited it, as McGeachin would like to do, for example, i believe it would be overturned for the same reason Indianas supreme court just upheld State University there mandating vaccines for students.
      Im not taking a side on whether the shot is good or not to say that the hospitals have law on their side.

      So...are you thinking Gov Little loves Turkish Delight? 🙂 (I'm a c.s. lewis geek)

      • john livingston says:

        To Al, Narnia actually speaks to what we are today experiencing. We the people are in the position of Edmond. The White Witch is the government. The promise "sweet and delightful" ---Turkish Delight, represents all the utopian promises of free stuff "safety in perpetuity". Are we like Edmund willing to compromise those we love most for the guarantee of nirvana---infinite bliss? "There are more important things about living than living" C. S. Lewis The Screw Tape Letters

        • Al says:

          I've had a different view of the White Witch. C.S. Lewis called pride "the great sin" and said "the more pride one had the more one disliked pride in others."
          Yes, Edmund was gluttonous over the Turkish Delight, but what he really relished was an opportunity to rise in status among his siblings, particularly older brother Peter.
          The witch seized on Edmund's self-conceit and by doing so was a vaguer symbolism of the power of Satan to influence us on our weaknesses, much like the uncle demon taught his nephew to do in Screwtape Letters.
          IFF's attacks on govt often come in the form of calling nearly every target "socialism", which really doesnt, to me, seem to be like the white witch. Socialisms goal is equal outcomes for all, not to provide opportunities for some to rise above others.
          Dont read my comments wrong, i am for capitalism. I just read the white witch's symbolism differently than you.

          • Al says:

            And, by the way, Dr Livingston, i agree with you, and Professor Digory Kirk, in your appeal to use logic. It takes us places, some times, that are against our dwsired outcome though, right?
            My case in point is the subject of this article. About employers imposing vaccines as a condition of employment.
            My logic dispels the comparison of involuntary experiments such as the Nuremburg Code.
            My logic tells me that, as a conservative favoring employer autonomy in hiring/firing issues, i must be consistent with those values and side with the hospitals here.
            "Logic! What do they teach children in school these days?"

  • Dave says:

    Max Keiser put it best. He calls what were are witnessing as "quantitative bio-easing." Quantitative bio-easing is basically the same idea behind "quantitative easing." The goal is to put money, in this case vaccines, out there to increase lending (giving away the vaccine for free) and investing (Federal Govt investing our tax dollars into big pharma). All the big players and politicians who have invested in the stocks for these vaccines have been doing really. Meanwhile the economy has taken a major hit by the actions the Government took in reaction to Covid (lock downs, mandates, edicts...). What does this mean, and why is the vaccine being pushed like it is? The more jabs American's get, the more big pharma gets from the Federal Government. The more money big pharma get as a return from the Federal Government, the more valuable their stocks become. This leads to the big players and politicians who have invested into these stocks very wealthy. Quantitative easing is why we keep hearing about record breaking highs in the stock market. I'd be curious to see Senator Crapo's investment portfolio. After all according to Forbes, Crapo in 2019 Crapo received $119,000 in contributions from Pharma PACs.

  • john says:

    i agree with al with most of what he is saying
    what i do not understand about mr wayne according to his bio he a product
    of public schools and a lower middle income family
    and he seems to have turned out well and rites intelligently
    and i would assume since he went to public schools in arkansas got all his shots
    as required
    public schools need to be improved but charter schools are not the way to go
    according to mr hurst last article the iff is a trump leaning group
    or if not right leaning
    that is not what libertarians are supposed to be
    that is why i wonder if lino like rino
    please remember 80%of people dying from covet are un vaxed
    and yes you have the freedom to dye

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