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Lawmakers approve animal wasting bill with section that 'really sucks'

Lawmakers approve animal wasting bill with section that 'really sucks'

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
March 16, 2010

Idaho lawmakers approved a rewrite to state laws related to the wasting and mutilation of hunted animals, but the Senate sponsor, Republican Jeff Siddoway of Terreton, said during debate Tuesday that one section of the proposal "really sucks."  Siddoway had problems with a section requiring hunters to bring carcasses back to their camp within 24 hours.

The legislation would clarify current wasting laws, making it unlawful for hunters to leave edible portions of a game animal, including fish, birds, and big game animals.  The legislation was approved unanimously by the Senate.  The House approved the changes Feb. 19.  The text of the legislation is available here.

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