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Jim Jones lies about IFF, critical race theory

Jim Jones lies about IFF, critical race theory

Wayne Hoffman
February 17, 2022
Wayne Hoffman
February 17, 2022

Isn't it interesting how leftists will straight up lie to you about issues you care about in order to win popular support? 

Such is the case with that leftist former state Supreme Court justice Jim Jones, who praised a new group formed to take on the Idaho Freedom Foundation and its friends who believe in and fight for liberty.

In doing so, Jones built a lie upon a lie. Nowhere in his 581-word column did he find it noteworthy to mention that he’s a leading director of the Political Action Committee he’s gushing about, Take Back Idaho.  

To make his case against IFF, Jones lied about the $6 million federal preschool grant that lawmakers rejected last year.Contrary to Jones' message, there’s nothing “bizarre” about IFF and lawmakers objecting to the grant. 

Jones doesn’t want you to know that the Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children, which was set to administer the grant, openly discussed the need to support social justice efforts on its website — until we pointed it out. The IAEYC then deleted mentions of the controversial topic from its web pages. Still, we have the goods on the group and what they were up to. They know it, and we know it, and that’s why lawmakers don’t dare bring the grant proposal back in 2022. 

Still, Jones pretends there’s nothing to see here by noting that U.S. Sens. Jim Risch and Mike Crapo supported the grant. That’s code for: “If Republicans Crapo and Risch liked the grant, it must be a conservative plan.”  

Remember when Crapo pulled his endorsement of President Donald Trump and urged him to drop out of the presidential race? We do. Remember when Risch and Crapo voted for President Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill? We do. Remember when Risch and Crapo got behind U.S. Mike Simpson’s reelection bid even though Simpson is the architect of a plan to remove the lower Snake River dams, destroying Idaho’s ag economy, tourism, and power generation? We do. 

A couple of weeks ago, Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson blasted Risch as a “pompous neocon buffon” and a “moron masquerading as a U.S. senator.” But you probably didn’t read about that in your leftist newspaper. 

More importantly, no real conservative would support taking parents away from educating toddlers and giving that authority to the government, let alone support doing it via a federal grant.  

Jones also lies to his readers when he says that the IFF and its allies in the Legislature “have flat failed to prove” that critical race theory and other social justice indoctrination efforts exist in Idaho’s government-run schools. We proved it last year, and we proved it again this year with a 50-page report providing explicit details of leftist indoctrination incidents that have occurred throughout Idaho. 

Our report even includes a handy heat map to warn parents of where these lessons have and continue to occur. Our research describes incidents from students being conned into believing they’re the opposite sex to lesson plans designed to teach youngsters that white people are privileged and parents are “roadblocks” to their goals.

It’s not just the K-12 system that’s in crisis. We’ve also proven, too many times to count, that Idaho’s college campuses promote leftist identify politics and preach division among students based on race, gender, and sexual orientation. Yet Jones claims we’re the problem. 

Jones and his leftist buddies would like to “take Idaho back” to a time when legislators don’t ask questions and special interest groups are free to run the agenda in Boise as they always have. What Jones wants from you and from us is for conservative legislators, parents, and taxpayers to sit down and shut up. 

That ain’t happening. Jones and his pals will continue to lie, and we’ll continue to make sure Idahoans are armed with the truth so that they’re able to counter Jones and anyone else working to subvert freedom.

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  • Robert Strange says:

    This article is right on target!
    Jim Jones is a socialist and wants more government controls. He is a darling of idaho's mass news media, most of which is owned and controlled by just one group and includes most of the weeklies.
    Writing a Letter to the Editor is fruitless anymore. The newspapers are now mostly good for just wrapping fish!
    Thank God we have the Idaho
    Freedom Foundation and the Idaho Dispatch to provide some truthful news and commentary.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Steve says:

    This is exactly why we need watchdogs like IFF. States that don’t have them fall to liberal policies because no one is there to call out the BS.

  • Guest says:

    Thank you for that excellent overview of Idaho's foes. The freedom watchdogs, IFF and ID are indispensable in the fight to keep Idaho Idaho.

  • Bruce Hendricks says:

    Idaho's Federal delegation is a joke. Neither Risch, Crapo or Simpson are in anyway conservative or limited government legislators. Risch and Crapo apparently have never met an immoral war they can't support. I've never heard them say anything that would remotely be construed as upsetting to the ruling class, such as vociferously opposing the Covid tyranny of the past two years.

    The GOP at the national level, with a few exceptions, does not represent the heritage Americans who consistently vote for them. It would be interesting to be able to have a peek at the stock portfolios of Risch, Crapo and Simpson to see what their holdings are, such as Pfizer, Lockheed and Boeing, and how much their net worth has increased over the years. These characters have long since stopped representing the people of the state; instead they represent the corporate interests that find their campaigns and add to their investment portfolios.

    IFF and it's supporters need to continue to focus on the state and local legislators, city council members, school board members and sheriffs - think locally and act locally. We need to rebuild the state GOP into a party that represents working class folks; that is now the GOP's constituency is whether the party likes it or not.

    CRT will continue to be taught in the government schools whether it is outlawed or not. So parents need to seek alternatives to those government schools, such as, but not limited to supporting IFF's efforts to expand school choice.

    • KJ says:

      Risch, Crapo and Simpson. How much money do they make from year to year? What did they vote for? And of course this is based on "who benefits?"

    • Steve says:

      Convention of states would be a good start and dismantle the central government. Like you stated our US senators are absolutely worthless.

  • Bob says:

    You have a right and a responsibility to protect your honor. If his comments are libelous take him to court!

  • KJ says:

    I understand there is a lawsuit coming your way Jim Jones (liberal cult leader and the same name as a mass murderer) from a guy named James Vincent.

  • Les says:

    Wake up Idaho before our beautiful state turns into Washington and Oregon. Investigate the candidates before you vote. Crapo, Risch, Little, Bedke and many, many more in the legislature are RINO’s. We have a chance to get rid of many of them this election.
    Thank God for IFF. They are hated because they’re not afraid to call these career politicians out. Donate whatever you can to this vital liberty organization. They work for the people of Idaho and not the swamp.

  • john livingston says:

    When is Jim Jones going to endorse Brad Little? I here there is going to be a caravan in Eastern Idaho before the primary with Brad, Jim Jones, the two Mikes, Mitt Romney, John Kasich, Paul Ryan, Liz Cheney, and Speaker Behdke.

  • Al says:

    Not one single "fact" is referred to by Wayne. Just opinion. When you dust off your journalism skills and put propaganda away for a moment, Wayne, then i will consider whether Jim Jones is a "liar" or not. Will you rise to this challenge? For example, applying the definition of critical race theory Anna Miller has used in her articles, identify for me which K-12 schools have been indoctrinating our children with it? Dont mix what you claim is social justice policies, i am asking specifically about CRT which you claim is widespread but you dont specify where. I will review the curriculum in good faith to consider your claims.

      • Al says:

        Let me get this straight, Doc. I ask Wayne to respond and once again you do so. Are you his agent? Do you speak for him? I am, though "liberal" as you once called me, at least careful in attributing words to the right speaker.
        You respond with an article you wrote partially responsive to my inquiry. I suppose the point of your response is that i asked for an example of a curriculum and you say pedagogy is important to look at as much as, or more, than curriculum. Is tha that a fair take on your response?
        I will reserve that issue for another moment. And ask why Dorothy Moon and others specifically said the preschool program "was laden with CRT curriculum".
        Wayne defends IFF's position by asserting IFF has documentation of "social justice" postings on the website of the curriculum developer.
        Again, i refer specifically to the definition of CRT Anna Miller has used in the past. Its not the same as "social justice efforts" and you know it. Dont go Orwellian on me, Doc. Peace isnt war and social justice isnt CRT.
        So, did the curriculum that Dorothy Moon specifically refer to contain CRT materials or not? Does any idaho K-12 school curriculum contain CRT materials? I will read it as ive read your article. Do you speak for wayne? Or will he demonstrate to me by answering my questions that Jim Jones is a liar?

    • T says:

      What you see in schools is a crystallized version of CRT. Ben Shapiro does a very good job of explaining using direct quotes from the founders of CRT. In his speech. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fg57_CnEmbg

  • Bobby W says:

    Remember that the Trump Administration supported the program that would have brought $6 mill to our preschoolers? We do.
    Show us the supposed proof of how that program was intended to indoctrinate our children, Hoff. Until you prove it, i can only believe its a lie just like your claim of the CRT incident at BSU.

    • Al says:

      Bobby, no, the incident at BSU wasn't a lie!!! We know that because Wayne told us so. He said it was a PR stunt by BSU. BSU hired a law firm to give an opinion it wanted.
      So disregard the interviews of students in the class. Disregard the interview of the actual alleged victim. They deny the facts that IFF and its minions declared to the legislature but they're the liars!
      We should believe the story of the anonymous person who didn't attend the class, but claimed he saw a video of it, and like the telephone game we played as kids where something is whispered around a circle and becomes convoluted by the time it gets back to its origins-THAT'S what we are supposed to believe.
      After all, that's what Wayne says. His logic is infallible.
      And I wonder how the good doctor L. Will defend Wayne on that one!

  • Al says:

    I've read Jim Jones' article which Wayne Hoffman is alluding to and am compelled to say this: Wayne Hoffman is misleading his readers, misquoting Jim Jones, and deflecting the issue that Jim Jones addressed in his recent op-ed.

    Jim Jones didn't address "social justice issues" in his op-ed. So it is Wayne who is, to put it in his words, "lying", when Wayne says, "Jones also lies to his readers when he says that the IFF and its allies in the Legislature 'have flat failed to prove' that critical race theory and other social justice indoctrination efforts exist in Idaho’s government-run schools." Again, Jones didn't challenge IFF on "social justice" issues - just CRT.

    And Wayne NEVER in this article denies the fact that the $6million preschool grant was void of CRT. Note: Wayne says IFF had obtained proof that the developer of that program promoted "social justice issues"; Wayne doesn't address whether or not CRT was in involved in that program.

    Is the omission conspicuous? Why, yes. According to Wayne, at least, he's an accomplished journalist, right? Certainly he would be careful with his words and his message, right? And he WAS careful. Careful to confuse you, to choose his words well to avoid the truth of the matter - that IFF has not, and cannot, find evidence of CRT in our K-12 schools, so it muddles up the jargon and tries to convince you that social justice issues and CRT are the same.

    Which is, in fact, a lie.

  • 208 says:

    Jim Jones KBTV Melisa and other lawmakers. My question is why aren’t you trying to help the people my life is not yours so stop infringing on the people of Idaho. These people of Idaho don’t deserve this evil forced on them. They deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
    Jim Jones KBTV Melisa and other lawmakers you can attempt to harm and hurt me under one condition like you have in the past. Let everyone else live there own life. It’s not intimidation tactics it is the intent to get rid of the evil that lives upon us under the authority of your pens.

  • enemyofthestate says:

    Is there a more annoying, to say the least, columnist in the Idaho Press? His hit piece on Giddings this past Sunday assures that she will get my vote

  • JohnK625 says:

    Thank God that Jim Jones is no longer on the court. If his official opinions were anywhere near the crap he spouts in the paper, he must have been a disaster as a judge. I constantly complain to the Idaho Press about his incessant Trump-hating opinion pieces.

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