Idaho Medical Association goes after Idaho doc for advocating alternatives to COVID-19 vaccines

Idaho Medical Association goes after Idaho doc for advocating alternatives to COVID-19 vaccines

Wayne Hoffman
October 11, 2021
Wayne Hoffman
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October 11, 2021

I’ve never been a huge fan of the Idaho Medical Association, a big government special interest group that has often advocated for the most destructive of policy ideas. They’ve advocated for Medicaid expansion, allowing minors to get vaccines without parental permission, and requiring nearly all vaccines administered to adults and children in Idaho to go into a government database. They’re in the same camp as the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry and Idaho Business for Education. 

They’re all statists. 

But now the organization is sailing into truly vile waters, trying to get an Idaho medical practitioner to face government sanctions, possibly even the loss of his professional license, for sharing his views regarding COVID-19 treatment protocols.  

This is not the type of action the 128-year-old group should be inclined to take. After all, the IMA has a bit of a conflict of interest — it has a contract to manage the state Board of Medicine’s program intended to help doctors with substance abuse and mental health problems. That’s troubling, but it’s worse because the complaint it has made isn’t based on evidence that the doctor hurt someone. Hardly. It’s because they don’t like what Dr. Ryan Cole has to say regarding alternative COVID treatments. 

A similar tactic of complaining to state regulators was tried this summer by the serial lefty extremists at the Idaho 97 Project, who were hoping to go after Cole’s medical license in order to keep him from being appointed to the Central District Health Board. Ultimately, the Idaho 97 Project’s character assasination plot was unsuccessful; the Board of Medicine took no action. 

The IMA appears to believe its complaint will have a different result, charging him with violating three specific Idaho statutes. In the copy of the complaint I received, the IMA claims Cole has violated laws dealing with the community standards of care, the promotion of drugs not medically indicated, and conduct that is abusive or exploitative of patients. 

The document says, “Dr. Cole ... has made numerous public statements concerning COVID-19 that are at significant odds with commonly understood medical treatment of COVID-19 and fail to meet the Idaho standard of care. We believe many of those statements to be profoundly wrong, unsupported by medical research and collected knowledge, and dangerous if followed by patients or members of the public.”

Without evidence, the IMA says Cole’s medical opinions “undoubtedly have led to and will continue to lead to poor health outcomes as people are encouraged not to be vaccinated against COVID19 or obtain appropriate treatment for it when such treatment could improve their health. Taken as a whole, Dr. Cole’s statements and actions have significantly threatened the public health and, in our view, are enormously irresponsible and injurious to the public.”

Cole’s comments aren’t wrong, he’s just not in agreement with the hot air coming from government scientists, the legacy news media, and socialist organizations that preach COVID vaccines all day and night. There’s nothing wrong with having one’s own views and putting those views into practice. 

The IMA deserves to be called on the carpet for this one. The medical professionals of our state need to know they’re free to advocate for the treatment they believe is best, that no one will come after them if they offer the best advice based on their medical experience and knowledge. The Board of Medicine also needs to make it clear that it will never interfere with the right of a medical practitioner to speak his mind, even if the IMA and other lefty groups don’t like what is being said.

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  • Mark Arrowood says:

    So you’re supporting voodoo medicine because it’s well a freedom thing? Did I get this right?

    • Al says:

      Mark, there is no such thing as consistency with the IFF, just constant, unabated conflict-creation.

      1. Back in July, Wayne Hoffman disparaged the vaccine, calling it “the highly experimental China virus vaccine”
      2. It was “experimental” at that time because it had not yet received full FDA approval
      3. The FDA is a large, centralized bureaucracy (much larger, in fact, in size, scope and mission than the Idaho Medical Association that Wayne Hoffman impunes here)
      4. Therefore, Wayne Hoffman deferred to the decision-making wisdom and power of a very large bureaucracy in order to justify his position
      5. A “statist” is a person who approves of large, centralized bureaucracies
      6. Therefore, Wayne Hoffman is a “statist” every bit as much as those he rails against.
      1. In the Idaho Press Tribune’s 10/10/21 article on the IFF, it was accused of “gaslighting”, “confrontational politics”, and “whatever they’re guilty of doing, they say (you’re) guilty of doing.”
      2. Wayne Hoffman accuses the IMA of being a statist
      3.Therefore the person quoted in the Press Tribune article was exactly right.
      Yes, I can see holes in this logic. But not as many holes as the gaslighting, conflict-creating stuff Wayne Hoffman puts out. There's nothing information or educational about it. As the Press Tribune article wrote, the IFF stopped calling itself a libertarian think tank. Apparently in a moment of honesty, it seems, as it has certainly abandoned a mission of being a "think" tank.

    • Ferndale Farm says:

      You might want to tell the state of Uttar Pradesh in India that Dr. Cole's methods are voodoo. They just eliminated Covid from their 220 million people using his protocol.

      • Al says:

        The "news" from India is all over the board. Hard to tell what's trustworthy or "utter balderdash" from Uttar Pradesh. No opinion from me, but I'm curious how COVID was "eliminated" by methods that, at best, relieve the symptoms rather than attacking the virus. So I'm cautiously skeptical.

        • Steve says:

          Ivermectin kills the virus dumbutt

          • Al says:

            I might be wrong, i dont profess to be an expert in this field. My understanding is that ivermectin is an antiparasitic med not approved by FDA for use as a treatment for COVID , so of course to be consistent with prior arguments made by IFF, it would be against ivermectin. I, like IFF, yield to the FDA's authority on the matter.
            Perhaps Dr John Livingston could be the referee since this is his field more than ours.
            Do you mind Doctor?
            1. Does ivermectin "kill" the COVID virus? Or is it a therapeutic? Is there a difference?
            2. Am i a nut? And, if so, am i a dumb one?
            And, just to be clear, no where in my comments am i criticizing Dr Cole, his ideas, nor criticizing patients following his advice. I do not support vaccine mandates, so please dont lump me in the "liberal" category for unsupported reasons.
            Just looking for consistency, eg, for many people refusing to take vaccines because it hadnt been approved by the FDA, or hadnt been tested enough, how does that logic not apply to ivermectin?

          • Peter Vaichus says:

            The FDA also approved multiple medications such as Vioxx that killed tens of thousands before needing to be recalled. They receive funding from big Pharma so they are no longer operating in the best interest of public safety but in the interests of the corporations funding them —this is a glaring conflict of interest that should not be allowed when it comes to public healthcare.

          • Donna says:

            Go to NIH page and FLCCC for links to studies for efficacy of ivermectin in COVID treatment. “ Conclusions:

            Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. Using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.”

            Ivermectin has a track record of being a safe drug, if used appropriately, with little expense. Hum, wonder why the pharmaceutical companies and their beneficiaries (Fauci) shun it?

      • Sue says:


  • Dr. No says:

    My dentist pulled all of my teeth so I wouldn't have to worry about cavities. My psychiatrist put me on a heavy ethanol diet so that I would forget my problems. My auto mechanic sold me a bicycle so that my check engine light would no longer be an issue. My pastor told me to sin as much as I like b/c it will all be forgiven. My pathologist recommended dewormer for my virus because he will profit from that virus propagating. Things are looking up in my life! #AccountabilityBites

    • Sue says:

      I dare say you sound like a status physician not wanting to entertain anything under the prescribed narrative. So could you be benefiting from the experimental injection that leads to breakthrough cases so more phony medical interventions need to be done? Asking for a friend.

  • Brian says:

    I recently had COVID, and was treated by Dr. Cole. Our whole family had COVID and recovered easily within 3-5 days. I was the last to get COVID and expected that I would recover like everyone else. After day 5 the inflammation in the lungs took over and I was rapidly declining. Dr. Cole provided his assessment, and provided therapeutics to treat the symptoms. Within 24 hours I was on the road to recovery and within 3 days I was totally fine and tested negative for COVID. There are too many stories like this out of India, S. and Central America about the therapeutics Dr. Cole and many others in the US have used to treat COVID. The performance of these treatment protocols are truly encouraging and have wide ranging benefits to end this pandemic. But there you have it - Many in power do not want this to end!

    As for Mark's comment below "voodoo medicine"? Off label prescriptions happen all the time and have for years. Have you ever heard of Tylenol? Doctors use that to treat a wide range of ailments. Also, I'd add that Tylenol has a much worse safety record than Ivermectin. Did you know that, Mark? Also, informed consent is a "freedom thing" Mark. I served 30 years in the US Army Infantry and I am a Combat Vet - I was not forced or "mandated" that I join the Army - I volunteered so that you might be able to enjoy your way of life just a bit longer. You are welcome, Mark.

    As for "voodoo"; perhaps that label can be applied to the COVID shot. The shot confers no protection from the virus and does not limit transmission in approximately 6 months after receiving according to the CDC. Many people say that the shot prevents hospitalization. REALLY, is that true? The US is about 1 to 2 months behind the UK in vaccinating its population, and currently over 66% of ICU cases in Wales are vaccinated. Higher rates are being seen among the vaccinated in Israel, and we are starting to see this trend develop here in the US, as well. Currently, Massachusetts now has over 50% of its cases in the ICU are of the vaccinated. Also, the safety record of the COVID Shots are the worst of all vaccines the CDC has ever documented (combined!) since it started tracking adverse effects. Those are the facts.

    As for the performance of the Hospital systems here in Idaho. Stop laying off health care workers, and start actually treating COVID patients, as we have done for every disease leading up to this event. CBS News recently interviewed an Idaho nurse; she stated that over 50% of COVID patients go on a vent and die a few days later. So my question is....don't you want to try to do something about this?! HELLO! We know how they die, that's been well documented. Why not try something that has been used very effectively all over the world to save lives? Oh and bye the way, it has been reported that over half of the members of Congress are on Hydroxy and Ivermectin; strange don't you think?

    As for Dr. Cole, he is a true American Patriot. He helped us in our time of need. I urge everyone in Idaho to support him by letting the IMA know what you think.

  • KJ says:

    I had covid twice. I used a steroid inhaler right at the time Fauci said not to use steroid inhalers. Well in 15 minutes I could breath again. I had already figured out the contradictions coming out of the official moth pieces. I learned the lesson once again. Never, and I mean NEVER trust government. Nearly every government through out history eventually lands up killing its own people in mass. A time of tyranny.

    Well since that time I lost all my extra weight and became active. No more sickness for a year and a half. I intend to be proactive with health and one thing I will never do is take that clot shot. You'll see why this winter as it progresses onward.

    Invest in funeral homes....

  • john livingston says:

    The most important point in my opinion is that Dr. Cole's medical and professional credentials are what are important and they are impeccable. He is an Air Force Academy Grad, graduated from the Mayo Clinicic in Clinical pathology with a special certificate in virology. His credentials and expertise exceed anyone on the Governor's Advisory Board, or anyone at any of the Health Districts. He is in complete agreement with scientists like Marty Mackaray from The Johns Hopkins', Dr. Paul Marak from Eastern Virginia Medical School, over 50,000 health Care signees on The Greater Barrington Project, and Dr's Scott Atlas and Jay Bhattchahara both from Stanford. He has a difference of opinion from many in the Medical Community, but that doesn't make either party wrong or right. The fact that this action was alluded too in several interviews and opinion pieces over the past 3 weeks demonstrates the collusion between government beuracrats and those in the health care industry who have taken it upon themselves to place their hands on the scale of science just like Pope Urban VIII did with Galileo Galalei. Capernicus was right! The earth does circle around the sun---but poor old Galileo was still placed under house arrest until his death. And what about Dr. Cole's right to free speech? Does a difference of opinion about the validity of scientific data, or mitigation strategy supersede a citizen's right to voice their opinion----even if they are an MD. This type of logic is exactly what freezes scientific debate and the advancement of any scientific hypothesis.

    • Al says:

      The main focus of the Great Barrington Declaration was focused protection for the vulnerable which in theory sounds fine but was highly impractical, nay, implausible, particularly with elderly in multigenerational homes (eg Latino populations) and lack of infrastructure to accommodate that.
      Nonetheless, the GDB specifically advocated natural herd immunity supplemented by but not dependent on vaccination. It advocated vaccination.
      Dr Cole has referred to it elsewise, to say the least (eg calling it "needle rape" etc).
      That seems contradictory to laypersons like me, Doc.

  • Bee says:

    Where the HELL is Brad LITTLE 'r?'

    Texas Governor Bars All COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates in State

    • Bee says:

      Re: Ivermectin

      My doctor told us that Fred Myers and RiteAid are refusing to fill his prescriptions for Ivermectin. He is hopping mad. He called corporates and told them he will send his patients to mom and pop pharmacies from now on and how awful they were for putting politics over human life/wellness.
      If you join the boycott of them be sure to call the local retail managers to tell them why.

      • Czechy says:

        Please tell what doctor you got to prescribe ivermectin? I had to take horse paste when I got Covid. Covid only lasted for two days, because the Ivermectin saved me. But it would be nice to know what doctor prescribes it so that we can get it in pill form for the rest of the family and friends

      • steven summers says:

        Your horse had worms?

    • Marilyn says:

      TOTALLY agree. Little is the guy who banned the use of hydroxychloroquine in this state!

  • Sue says:

    Thank you for letting me know about Rite Aid & Fred Meyer.

  • Roni says:

    DR Cole is brilliant and cares about people unlike the clones in the hospital killing people by not treating them.

  • April says:

    I’m a nurse in the treasure valley. I’ve worked with Covid for 20 months. The gene therapy injection causes strokes and blood clots. It is linked to fast growing cancers, like nothing I have seen in over two decades of experience. The virus for me was so inconsequential, I needed no treatment beyond supplements. There is a high risk profile: age, low vitamin D, obesity, diabetes, hypertension or other vessel or cardiac issues. I share not a single one of these risks and many I know do not, have had the virus and have not gotten delta. Did I mention I had the original back in March of 2020? I do not wear masks or social distance. I go to large events. I have not had delta but I have worked with it the entire time. Why? I have immunity. My whole family does and many others I know. Guess what else? I see vaxxed people with Covid and they are just as sick as those who are unvaxxed. What is the common denominator? The risk factors! Every time. Vented in the hospital? You’re as good as dead. The hospital is a death sentence. Guess what else? You’re all afraid of something that every single one of you could prevent with supplements and early treatment IF needed at all. And yes, I have absolutely seen early treatment work. I’m tired of the lies about the unvaxxed. Covid is treatable and the vaxx is worthless. It lowers symptoms and the person would be sicker if they hadn’t had it? Do you have an alternate universe crystal ball that you could see that? I have had patients in the risk group recover with zero treatment also. Unvaxxed. Stop lying. And stop reporting death as everything is Covid. Yes they changed the reporting in April of 2020. How do I know? Because I came here from another state where I reported death. Now: vaxxed and have Covid? Your diagnosis is a PE. Unvaxxed with Covid and have heart failure? Your diagnosis is Covid. Lies all around. Dr Cole is a damn hero.

  • Lorin says:

    There is an abundance of evidence that Ivermectin is effective, you simply need to research from sources other than state ran media. From personal experience, it was highly effective. However, it is a proven, cheap drug that has been employed for years with little side effects as well as little profits for big pharma. Now that they have exhausted the low hanging fruit of those willing to take the experimental gene therapy, miraculously they are all developing and seeking emergency approval for repurposed meds aimed at effectively treating symptoms apparently successfully enough to reduce hospitalizations in excess of 50%. Interesting, a drug that was not originally intended to treat covid is treating covid. What a mystery.

  • Tearjerker says:

    “Let’s go, Brandon!” #FJB

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