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Idaho lawmakers are the last line of defense against government authoritarianism

Idaho lawmakers are the last line of defense against government authoritarianism

Wayne Hoffman
September 14, 2021
Wayne Hoffman
Author Image
September 14, 2021

I’m not here to lecture on whether COVID is real. It is. I’ve experienced it. When I was wheeled into a hospital emergency room in November 2019 after returning from a trip to southeast Asia, no one here had heard of the new, mysterious virus that was making its way around the world. I was practically bedridden for a month.

I have also been a witness to the many ways government officials and their allies have lied about the virus, keep changing stories about the little bugger on multiple occasions, and are now using it as an excuse to reshape America into a command-and-control society. All for a virus that is unlikely to kill most of the people who come in contact with it. 

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are at stake, and the most prominent tool at our disposal to save America from totalitarianism is action by our state elected representatives and senators. They need to reconvene as soon as possible to prevent government-generated narratives about COVID from being used to limit your freedoms. 

The Chinese government lied about the origin of the virus. The American government, in particular Dr. Anthony Fauci, lied about the fact that American taxpayers paid for dangerous gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab, considered the likely source of the virus.

The so-called experts have changed their story multiple times regarding masks. Fauci originally said ordinary people should not wear masks. The story behind whether vaccinated individuals should continue to cover their faces also keeps changing. We’ve also learned recently that it’s the leftist National Education Association that is driving policy at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The facts regarding vaccine protocols also keep changing. First, we were told that the shot’s initial regime was enough to counteract the virus. Then we were told to expect annual shots. Then we were told a much sooner booster shot would be necessary. Now there’s evidence out of Israel, which the U.S. government does not seem intent on exploring, that such additional medical interventions are not necessary, contradicting the statements and advice being promoted here in the states.

All of that is occurring among the backdrop of the reality that people who are vaccinated do in fact suffer crippling illness — and, yes, some vaccinated people do die.

Moreover, Idaho’s documentation of COVID case numbers has changed. A careful observer noted that Idaho's accounting of emergency room visits has been completely revised since July. The data appear to have been amended to show a higher number of emergency room visits, higher number of patients, and a higher percentage of patients being treated in the ER for COVID-like symptoms. The number of emergency room visits for COVID-like symptoms remained flat between the summers of 2020 and 2021, but the new methodology for collecting the data show many more patients steadily arriving at hospitals being diagnosed with COVID-like symptoms. 

Still, Americans — in particular, big business executives — give not a thought to the government’s shifting narrative and are now enforcers of whatever mandate the authoritarians design. Your basic human rights are being challenged.

This is not about employers and employees. It’s about the government, business interests, and the media conspiring to scare you into agreeing to a path forward that reformulates society such that liberty is secondary to the fear these bad actors want you to feel. 

The solution is simple. It’s up to state lawmakers to intervene and pass a law that protects the liberty of Idahoans. They are the last line of defense. Coercing someone to inject or ingest something is a crime, even if the coercion is on orders or recommendation from those in the government. Forcing people to surrender their medical privacy in order to enjoy our God-given rights is also a crime, and lawmakers should recognize it as such. The time for action is now.

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  • Bes says:

    From Rep. Heather Scott's input:

    "In President Biden’s recent press conference/executive order, he detailed three main directives that he believes Congress has delegated him the authority to do through the executive rulemaking process. All will go into effect in the next few months.

    Here are his main directives:

    #1 Employer Mandate- directing employers with 100 or more employees to mandate the vaccination under a Department of Labor rule. This rule will be administered under OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and will go into effect in about 6 months. Biden is using his authority (given to him by Congress) to direct an agency to promulgate rules to force this on businesses. This will almost certainly be challenged in the courts.

    #2 Facility Mandate- requiring employers of all facilities that receive Medicaid or Medicare funding to have their employees vaccinated. This will go into effect in October. Under the Social Security Act (federal law passed by Congress) the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services can promulgate rules that are “beneficial to patients of the facilities.” Although there is no penalty for violating such rules, facilities can lose funding for not complying. This will likely pressure Idaho businesses to enforce the mandate, unless there is a state law directing them otherwise.

    #3 Federal Employees/Contractors Mandate- requiring federal employees of the executive agencies and contractors to be vaccinated. The president cannot require Congress to do this, but as the chief executive, he can require executive branch agencies’ employees and contractors to them to take the jab. He is using the Procurement Act (federal law passed by Congress) which sets up requirements for contractors to contract with the federal government. Agencies can create rules for procurement and have been directed to draft the language for this mandate by September 24.

    Lawrence Gostin, Professor of Global Health Law at Georgetown University Law Center, has stated the following on this requirement: "The president has clear power to ensure a safe federal workforce. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Department of Justice have both said that it's lawful to do it, and there are federal courts that have upheld other workforce mandates.”

  • Vic says:

    I had the virus in 2019 also, but at the time, no one panicked or wore a mask. All I was told, is "We think you have a mild case of pneumonia" and I was sent home. I recovered without any problems, all this from a guy who has Chronic Lung Problems since the 90's. I don't fit the narrative of the media, because I had pre existing lung conditions and survived without any problems.

  • Mike says:

    Well let's see, Biden's vaccine mandate does not apply to the legislative and judicial branches of the federal government, and their staff. Certainly if it was that important, they would have ensured they were included. Hmm, way to lead the country congress - truly inspirational.

  • Cowboy Up says:

    If I understand it correctly what Joe is pushing is a two pronged approach. For most federal employees this is a mandatory vaccination or you’re fired. I don’t think this is really anything new he’s just extending vaccination requirements to all federal employees now. It’s long been the case for the military where if you didn’t want to be vaccinated you can find employment elsewhere. Why is this suddenly an issue? There was little to no fighting about vaccines in the military as long as I can remember. It’s a good time to quit your government job if you take issue with it, pretty much like any other job where you take issue with some employer requirement. There’s an abundance of jobs out there and it’s great time to jump ship and probably land a raise and/or promotion in the process. The government doesn’t owe anybody a job nor should they. I take the same stance with the hospital systems. Don’t like it? Go work elsewhere they don’t owe you a job.

    Are you really proposing that unvaccinated should be a new government protected employment class? I try to fire an employee who sucks at their job and I get sued because low and behold they weren’t vaccinated and claim discrimination and that their vaccination status was my motive? That’s really not a future I’d like. Personally I’d rather let the chips fall as they may. Talent will flow to where skillsets and ideals align. Throw up a vaccination requirement and maybe you’ll lose talent maybe you won’t. I trust the market to sort it out without the government getting involved. Find me a slew of businesses that still require employees to wear a 3 piece suit. If it’s meant to die a slow death or not take hold it will all work out.

    The mandate for private employers is a bit different matter. As I understand it there’s a requirement to perform weekly testing OR get vaccinated at a private employer with 100+ employees. Joe is really just using some previously laid groundwork for this program. Allow me to expound on this.

    If you’re one of those with an unrequited love of Reagan guess what, your personal Jesus provided the blueprints for where we find ourselves today. The forced surrender of medical privacy has been a thing for my entire life. Reagan hated on the subset of drugs classified as illegal through poorly conducted federal processes in a big way. To the extent that he put the full might of the federal government toward squashing it. He was never quite successful in pushing a full blown requirements through to private employers but many considered his stance to be a federal recommendation and jumped in headfirst in lockstep with his federal testing mandate and started voluntarily drug testing their workforces. I was but wee lad in those days but am told that if you wanted to win a federal contract during the Reagan years you’d better be drug testing your employees. Companies still do it today to pander for those government contracts. If what’s happening today rubs you the wrong way maybe creating some sort of government program shouldn’t be the go to from here forward. It just sets a bad precedent and let’s remember every time you turn to the government to interfere with free will even if you don’t like what that free will entails you’ll have to add some way for the government to enforce it. Even if vaccine mandates and testing are unsuccessful private employers will likely follow suit simply to pander to Joe just like they did with Reagan. Reagan is long gone but the damage was complete and the spirit of monster he created lives on today.

    The government also set the narrative that drugs were going to kill you and unlimited surrender of freedom and unlimited resources were needed to fight the threat to society. I had the privilege of sitting through DARE classes where the government taught me how to use all manner of drugs. I learned that cannabis would likely kill me. Then we all grew up and started to question that narrative. We saw it yet again this past legislative session with the cannabis prohibition constitutional amendment. Conservatives claim to love agriculture and private property rights yet when it comes to agriculture on private property, consuming that harvest on private property and letting the effects play out on private property they love them some SWAT teams.

    When it comes down to it conservatives in this state probably need to decide whether they are RepubliCANs or RepubliCAN’Ts. The whole idea that a person is so conservative and loves limited government but won’t fight or try to stop government programs which serve their interests needs to stop. Freedom and liberty don’t work like an a la carte sushi menu. You either want it and you fight for it and make peace with the parts you find unpleasant like those know it all college hippies smoking weed next door or you don’t and maybe it’s time to just be honest about how much you love you some government intervention when it’s self-serving. The government programs conservatives create today can and will be used by those who don’t share their interests in the future.

  • Bob holup says:

    Asking, does the state of Oregon prohibit the mandate by law?

  • Mike Loeffler says:

    As an active Tea Party Patriot during the Obama Administration I found, as others, that well-organized public rallies emphasizing freedom of speech, limited government and the like, really worked. We should all organize such rallies to preserve what freedom and liberty we still have left!

  • Richard Garber says:

    Your claim that "Coercing someone to inject or ingest something is a crime, even if the coercion is on orders or recommendation from those in the government."
    Please look up the case of Jacobson vs. Massachusetts from back in 1905

  • Bee says:

    This is about Big Pharma $. Experimental inoculations (that have failed miserably-people still getting Covid, many have adverse reactions, and too many deaths-and thus is the early information) and PCR testing all equal money laundering (from tax payers via government to Big Pharma).
    During a TeleMed appointment (my doctor who had Covid at the time) said he was taking Ivermectin and doing quite well. He was mad at Fred Myer and Rite Aid for refusing to fill prescriptions for Ivermectin for his patients that needed it as well. Apparently inexpensive theraputics that work does not satisfy the need for greed. (We will never shop places like that.) Whatever happened to my body my choice??? Masks INCREASE cases of Covid-19. People handle their masks by the interior to adjust/remove etc. They stash them in their purses/pockets etc.
    Q. Where are the germs now?
    A. Waiting for the next time you wear the masks.
    Not to mention all over your groceries, your cell phone, your clothes, your books, etc. Imagine a virus so caring it will not contaminate your STUFF if you are complying with wearing a mask or being vaccinated.
    Our household contracted Covid. One is 70 years old and asthma, but a short Prednisone program did the trick. Another is obese and diabetic but an bronchial inhaler did the trick. The others just rested. Now ALL have that 'suppressed' word: IMMUNITY. Our friends household contracted it after ALL adults were fully vaccinated. People simply must get over the fear porn. Turn off the MSM 'news.' It's gaslighting and you will be better off not getting conditioned to the narrative.

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