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Idaho Freedom Foundation statement on UF 200 investigation

Idaho Freedom Foundation statement on UF 200 investigation

Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
May 25, 2021
Idaho Freedom Foundation staff
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May 25, 2021

The Idaho Freedom Foundation is hardly surprised to see that Boise State University’s investigation into its controversial University Foundations 200 courses has been fruitless. As we previously pointed out, “The problem is the propagandizing and indoctrinating of students in a false and pernicious ideology, not their humiliation.”

The investigation report provides no answers to important questions like, “What beliefs are being promoted and in which classrooms? How many incidents have occurred prompting administrative concern before action took place?”

Furthermore, Hawley Troxell, the law firm that conducted the investigation, claims it interviewed 30 students, an incredibly small sample size considering UF 200 classes affect more than 1,200 students per semester. The report even gets the date of the “white shaming” incident wrong, putting it in 2017 instead of 2021.

BSU’s suspension of all UF 200 courses, rather than a single rogue class where an isolated incident occurred, proved BSU's UF classes have a systemic problem. BSU plans to continue tolerating the propaganda promoted in UF 200 courses. All students will continue to be required to take UF 200 courses to graduate, and nothing will be done to stop the ideological infection of the university.

If BSU has nothing to hide, the school should publicly release the actual investigation file and not just a summary written by the school’s law firm. IFF has requested this documentation, but it should have been released already. 

Regardless, there's obviously more here than BSU wants to admit. IFF is analyzing all UF 200 syllabi and will report on the biases the law firm overlooked. 

We urge Gov. Brad Little and the Idaho State Board of Education to conduct a truly independent review of the social justice rot at Boise State. A university that ran the Boise Police Department off campus cannot be trusted to objectively evaluate its own political biases. The law firm's report merely gives an imprimatur for the school to pretend all is well, when it is obvious that is not the case.

BSU intends to ignore public outcry and continue advancing its radical agenda. We should not be fooled by BSU’s biased analysis any more than we should be fooled by a criminal judging himself innocent.

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  • Rick Rund says:

    How nice of BSU to do their own investigation. I guess they want to save taxpayer monies...

  • Was BSU the client or was the State Board of Education? Could there be information that was not communicated to the public, but that is subject to lawyer client protection. What a joke

  • Al says:

    "BSU's suspension of all UF 200 courses, rather than a single rogue class where an isolated incident occurred, proved BSU's UF classes have a systemic problem." Hmmm...
    Or...maybe being abundantly cautious and responsive to a lot of bunk slung at them?
    Consider, for comparison, so many people, including IFF, who decried Gov Littles over-reaction a year ago with stay at home orders. Did his abundance of caution "prove" there was indeed a pandemic justifying stay at home orders? No, IFF would certainly agree with me that it did not. And, in fact, IFF has this calendar year denied a "pandemic" ever existed. A cautionary response like that should not, cannot, be taken to be considered proof of guilt.
    In fact, that is a legal doctrine. Imagine someone accusing Sears of selling a model table saw with a faulty and dangerous design. Sears might stop selling that model and, if theres a chance other models have the same problem, might suspend selling all models as well until its sorted out.
    Juries are prohibited from hearing about such remedial steps. Sears did a good thing by suspending sales until safety is verified.
    Likewise, BSU did a good thing by suspending the classes until the investigation was complete.

    • Al says:

      Could IFF clarify something for me? Here, IFF refers to a "single rogue class" yet claims the problem is pervasive and systemic, infiltrating much of BSU's curriculum. Which is it? Would you please identify the specific other classes in which such shaming has occurrwd, or in which whites have been indoctrinated? There are those of us with open minds as to whether a problem exists, and if so, to what extent, but this IFF dtatement doesnt help in any way to form an independent opinion, its just kind of an emotional, unsupported reaction to the Hawley Troxell investigation.

  • KJ says:

    Let's have a article about "Idaho governor returns home to revoke order banning mask mandate". It is tyranny after all.

  • Jimmy says:

    Glad to support your cause.

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